Top 10 Worst Game Ads Of All Time

Welcome back, fellow gamers. My name is Amanda McKnight and I will be your
host for today’s video where we get the privledge of visiting the weird and hilarious
world of game ads. Some ads and marketing compaigns for games
out there are amazing. They give you a sense of the world, the gameplay
and the design of the game. And some ads just miss the mark. They use cheesy tactics which might make us
laugh but also tell us nothing about the actual game itself. Or some just don’t do a game justice, showing
off the weirdest or worst parts of game. Of course, some ads are just awful because
the game is awful but I’ll let you be the judge of that. Let me know in the comments below what ads
you’ve seen for games that have made you really want to play them or really want to
avoid them. Are there are any upcoming games you are super
excited to get playing? I want to know! I’m personally getting amped up for the
newest Borderlands, Borderlands 3 to be available. That cel shading tho. Alright, let’s get counting. 10
Skyrim So this one was less an ad and more a marketing
ploy but it is so terrible, it needs to be mentioned. On November 11 of 2011 Skyrim was released
and Bethesda was hyping it like crazy. If you’re an RPG gamer like me, this game
was a big deal at the time. The Elder Scrolls saga had been going on for
years and the last game to come out of it had been Oblivion which still holds up to
it’s critical acclaims in terms of gameplay, despite it’s dated graphics. The graphics for Skyrim were also supposed
to be cutting edge and the size of the maps and the world was supposed to be bigger than
one could imagine. But Bethesda still felt like they needed more
hype so they employed a marketing strategy that involved offering a lifetime supply of
games to anyone who named their child Dovahkiin, meaning Dragonborn, the name of the main character
in Skyrim. The catch was the child had to be born on
the day of the games release. The crazy thing is one couple actually did
it. While the couple got a lifetime supply of
games, I’m sure their child got a lifetime supply of bullying. 9
Game of War Mobile Game So here’s the thing, mobile games are notorious
for some of the worst ads. You probably see the Game of War mobile game
ads everywhere. And almost all of them are atrocious. A lot of them Kate Upton and some of them
involve a game of dress up where characters magically come to life once clothed. What a lot of their terrible ads lack is anything
in regards to graphics or gameplay. You know the things we actually want to know
about before we jump into your game! But I guess playing a game to meet some of
Kate Upton’s friends, like this dragon will have to be enough motivation for us to download
this game. Also I know Kate Upton is supposed to be whispering
some kind of spell in this shot, but does it not look like she is just whispering arrows? 8
Game Boy Pocket I’m not really sure what is happening in
this ad. It seems like a weird 90s mashup between a
combo of Gushers, Hot Pockets and Game Boy got together to make it happen. This one is on the list just for it’s strangeness. It also tells us nothing about gameplay or
graphics. But it sure shows us a lot of coloured tongues,
including this really gross one, coated in something white, that is supposed to represent
the clear Game Boy Pocket colour. I don’t even want to know what’s really
happening here, do I? The ad is supposed to make you interested
in all the different coloured Game Boy Pockets you could own. Instead it just makes you go ew. Also why are all these mouths on a shared
skin background? This tactic should be reserved for a disturbing
Human Centipede-eqsue horror game. 7
Diablo Immortal When it comes to Diablo, this ad in terms
of appearance and display of game play wasn’t so bad. It actually made me want to try the game. The reason why this one was the worst was
because of the expectation from fans. Diablo 3 was the last game to emerge from
Blizzard for the franchise in 2012 so at the 2018 BlizzCon when Blizzard had a Diablo announcement
to make fans were understandably excited, anticipating Diablo 4 to be announced. What happened was an outrageous let down. Instead after 5 years, Blizzard announced
their new Diablo mobile game, Diablo Immortal, leading to fans raging and groaning. This ad was received so poorly that we have
yet to hear another peep out of Blizzard since then about Diablo Immortal, making many suspects
that it may have been cancelled as a result. You know you’re ad and marketing plans are
terrible when they result in a game being shelved. 6
Atari 2600 Atari may have been wiped out of your mind
by Playstation, Nintendo and XBox, but unfortunately their ads live on. Atari used to be one of the consoles to own
before the video game crash of the 80s. The company has since split up, merged with
other companies and evolved into Infogrames Entertainment. Regardless of what their called, the fact
remains that their ad for their old school gaming console has to be on of the worse. They used acclaimed musician, Stevie Wonder,
to promote their console. Who, yes, is blind. The premise for the ad is that if Stevie Wonder
could play video games, he’d play Atari. And that you don’t even need to see to be
able to play their console. Wow, just wow. The add specifically stated “you don’t
even need two people” to play the console “or two eyes.” 5
Sega Console Sega used to be considered one of the leading
game companies. I actually still have and even sometimes play
my Sega Genesis console. The company was known when they first came
out for their innovative and creative takes on arcade style games. If you have since forgotten who Sega is, it
might be because they sort of fell off the map once Playstation and X-Box started dominating
the market. What we are left with today in terms of what
they are most remembered for is Sonic the Hedgehog. Who admittedly is still awesome. Unless we are talking about the CGI film version
which is just creepy. Still haunts my nightmares. But something else Sega deserves to be remembered
for is their overtly sexualized and weird ads. Including such ad featuring the picture of
a hand on a controller with copy next to it stating “The More You Play With It, They
Harder It Gets” and below that a description of how intensely focused you’ll be on the
game stating, you’ll “be breathing heavily over the digitial stereo sound… shooting
all over the place… but it’s not use, game over.” Goodness. 2
Silent Hill Downpour The famous horror saga from Konami has had
so many games, it’s not surprising at this point that they have had to go to some pretty
dire lengths to reinvent the same story. But probably one of the most desperate attempts
we’ve seen from them was in 2012 with Silent Hill Downpour. Which explores the idea of what if you got
trapped in Silent Hill but it was raining? Beyond that, the tagline for this game was
one of the worst ever created for a game, “Let’s Get Wet.” I get that they are playing on the idea of
downpour and rain but geez, that is some lazy writing. It feels like they spent two seconds on that
tagline. Especially considering the idea of getting
wet isn’t even scary. Are we supposed to be scared of the rain? Scared of getting wet? This tagline is a strange combo of sexy meets
just plain facts. 3
N-Gage The concept of this device was actually really
cool and now definitely exists today in what we know as our smartphones. N-Gage was supposed to be Nokia’s portable
gaming console integrated with a cellphone. Unfortunately it ended up being a flop. But it did leave us with some pretty ridiculous
ads and campaign ideas. Including a far too dramatic add where two
people square off in the rain with their consoles while their avatars fight beside them, one
that game sort of reflecting the world around it, and one involving Tomb Raider that left
us with the double entendre phrase, “This is where I got further with Lara than anyone
else.” Not surprising as one of their marketing campaigns
involved booth babes who wore the price of the console on their chests. 2
Game Boy & Super Game Boy I remember my first game boy and my awesome
berry coloured game boy colour. These consoles were revolutionary at the time
they came out. One of the first consoles that boasted of
being portable with “good graphics.” Granted, graphics have come a long wang since
the Game Boy and Game Boy Colour. And so have advertisements. Retro ads are a strange place because unfortunately
they often reflect the mood of the time, like this terribly racist add from Nintendo featuring
a native who seems to be claiming, “if these aren’t the coolest graphics, my name isn’t
Yawiga Kanawi.” Stereotyping aside here, this guy needs to
be talking about game play because Nintendo wasn’t fooling anyone with those “cool
graphics” even at the time the Game Boy was released. 1
Mobile Strike Pool Wars Ad Taking our number 1 spot is the king and queen
of cheese, Mobile Strike, the mobile game’s ad entitled Pool Wars which involves awful
acting and even worse cgi graphics as we are taken into the world of the game via a man
falling in the pool and having a really bad fantasy about playing the game in real life,
complete with sending attack strikes via their phone “in-game.” Well, friends, I hope some of these ads shocked
you and some of them made you laugh. Is there an awful game ad you think we missed,
share it with us in the comments below. I’m sure there are as I found a ton. While you’re on your way down to the comments,
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it made you laugh. Brighten a fellow gamer’s day. And if you want a part two of awful game ads
be sure to let us know. Thanks for watching. This is Top 10 gaming and I’m your host,
Amanda McKnight saying goodbye for now and reminding you to keep on gaming on. Pew pew!

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