Top 5 Videos Small Businesses should be creating: Promotional & Marketing Videos

What are the top five videos that small businesses
can be creating to help their business? Stick around, I’m going to give you my top
five, this is Jacob of Jacob le video production. And my first pick is videos for your web page,
preferably on the homepage. And the reason you want to do this is people
tend to spend twice as much time on pages with video on them. And that is incredibly important both for
people being more familiar with your brand and your story and how you can help them but
also for Google’s ranking as well. They care about how much time people are spending
on a site because if people spend a short amount of time and bounce back and go to another
site that’s bad you’ve lost them but Google will think they didn’t really find what they’re
looking for. They didn’t really take the time to stick
around so isn’t a good result will serve up someone else’s web page more so in the future. And you know, you can tell your brand story
you want to keep it generally to a minute or two but it really depends on what you’re
trying to convey. But you do want to keep it centered around
your customer and what you can do for them their goals you can include testimonials in
it as well. So that is my number one pick that people
can do. The second you want to create a lot of these
but is creating videos that are about how to or answering questions you get all the
time and the nice thing if you have a lot of blog posts you can take this content and
turn it into videos and that will give people the option you can embed it in your blog posts
and they can you know to watch the video on your blog if they feel like doing that instead
of reading or they can read it as well but it just builds a lot more connection there’s
a lot of the scam the websites and they’re not going to have. informational video showing their face with
the brand it creates that personal connection and builds a lot of trust. You can do this on the YouTube channel which
is great and then be embedding it into your blog as well. So that is my second pic. Third one is testimonial videos people love
learning other clients experience what it’s like doing business with them, you know how
the product has helped out other people just like them. And really what this these can be, you know,
just with phone pretty homemade because you don’t want to give the impression that it’s
you know, set up in a studio and very scripted and like they’re being fed lines. So you could even give people an outline of
what they should talk about. But have them do it on their own phone because
then it really doesn’t feel scripted. It feels like people picked it up and are
just sharing their great experience that they’ve had with you. But you do want to give them a framework so
you want to have them talk about the issue they’re having, what it was like working with
you and now what their life is like now that that’s been solved, or they’ve met that goal
that you’ve helped them achieve. The fourth video that you can be creating
for your business is a video to be attached to your email signature. So many of us communicate with our business
all the time with email, a lot of it is reaching out to people who are not familiar with us
and don’t know what we do. So being able to concisely summarize that
again, you want to focus it on what you can do for other people care about themselves,
but having a little one minute video attached to that people can click directly on it from
the email and learn a lot more about you and what you’re about and feel like they’ve met
you in person for the very first time. So this is incredibly powerful. The fifth thing is content for Facebook ads,
or Instagram ads, YouTube ads, these are incredibly powerful. It’s very scalable. It’s
You have a really high converting add, you know, a lot of people are taking the action
you want or doing business with you because of they add you can keep running it until
you’re no longer getting the desired results. That being said, it is incredibly challenging
the majority of people lose money running these Facebook ads. So this should be more of a long term commitment
to try out a whole bunch of ads, including, you know, photo ads, text ads, video ads,
because you never know precisely what is going to work the best you want to go in with a
solid plan, either working with someone or really knowing exactly what your client wants
and responds to, that’s really important, but it does take a lot of testing and some
money doing those testing and time but that is incredibly scalable once you figure out
just the right ad that people respond to. Anyway, I hope this was helpful. I’m doing 100 videos in 100 days. So please subscribe and click the bell for
notifications. I’m going to be constantly updating this page
and if you want to check out my work or my blog, that’s a Jacob le video
Thank you. I’ll see you in the next video.

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