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Today, we will talk about those marketing strategies which always happens with you and going to in trend in 2019 Copy and paste those marketing strategies which can work for your business let’s start and the first one is “C” marketing C marketing is done by making people fool People thing by technology it becomes difficult to make people fool but it’s easy Let’s take an example of shampoo – Check the weight of 3rs shampoo packet with a shampoo bottle So the cost of per ml will always be less in 3rs packet People think like If we buy a big packet then we will get some benefits. Even I used to think in the same way but don’t know about other’s And this thing is happening with all the people But we are not aware of this because we never thought in this way To ensure this thing you can take any product and compare the small package with big one the behalf of amount, weight and all And after calculating the cost per ml then you will realize you have been fooled till yet Don’t forget to fill up with the poll and tell me There’s one more thing and that is some marketers position their product and offering in such a way that they didn’t exist For example, In childhood, I got to know that there’s melanin in our skin And because of that we often become black or white So in sunlight, our skin lift that melanin to protect our skin and because of that we look black And I think If I freeze my skin then I will look fair So my father had a chemical business so I had peppermint in my house And I used to sell that thing to my friend and asked them to apply on your face and you will look fair Even that was also the part of “C” marketing In childhood, I used to make kids fool and now these big companies make people fool But these things don’t work for a long time Next thing is shadow testing maybe you have seen this thing because this is in trend nowadays The fit bit did shadow testing and in this strategy, they open the pre-booking before launching out the product From this, you get to know how many people will buy your product I didn’t start manufacturing yet For example, I want to launch xyz product so I will click photo and upload it on amazon or on my website and will tell people to buy this if you are interested So from pre-booking, I will get money and I will invest that money in manufacturing and at the end, I will be profitable What fit bit did us they accept the order but didn’t accept the payment? They told they will deduct payment after ordering the product And now big companies like Samsung, One Plus and all do the same thing This is the way to create hype before launching the product So, if you can do this so go for it Even I also did this when I announced about my weekday batch But that time I was not sure about it But then registration comes in and then I started that batch. This is called shadow marketing There’s one more strategy like this and that is an alternative strategy we all know everything is available in the market so in this strategy we take any product give it our brand name This is a very common strategy like in the educational sector where we do research about strategies I won’t tell name but for example “J curve” What is the J curve? Exponential series When we were in 5th or 6th class we used to study exponential graph so there was exponential series And some people named it as “J curve” and did good positioning And in the same way, different things are happening Nowadays what marketers do is they took the existing strategy and labeled them by their own name Or they took those strategies which don’t have a name and they named it and start selling them According to me, this is the best strategy Because by doing things in this way people always recalled those things by your name And these things are happening for a long time Next strategy is market assassination strategy This strategy sounds like destroying the things Let’s take the example of Jio. He invested a lot of money and come into the market with 4G technology and destroy everything And Jio market size was getting bigger and bigger with Modi strategies and other players were sacrificing Through Investment, we can assassinate the market or with the product which can solve people problem also called a problem-solving product And if we make that problem-solving product so everybody will buy from us because there is no alternative We can also do cost leadership it means giving the product at a less cost in the entire market Or we can also do loss leadership in which we sell our product at a loss Let’s take an example of Amazon or any other big e-commerce company These big player operating at loss to sell their product so if anyone wants to compete with them so they also need to operate at a loss But this wouldn’t be possible for him because he doesn’t have huge investment So this is also a strategy called market assassinate strategy But a few more things can be added to this Goa and check out marketing series and then you will get to know different ways to assassinate market Next one is a selective storytelling Take any brand and I am sure there will be a story behind it NO one ever said that I was just sleeping and thought of doing something so I started this No one will ever say that I copy the business idea from the USA Everyone pretended like they have personally faced this problem and solved this They just want to make you realize that they have made a problem-solving product but it is not Most of the business in India are just copy and paste They go to the USA and see something and came to India and take investment start doing that same thing If I talk about OLA and food panda and others then all these are coming from outside of India But still, there’s a reason behind it. even I tell stories in case studies but those are only for marketing purpose Maybe those stories were real but they showed it in a selective storytelling way But you have just combined all the things that happened in your life and showed in a story-telling way But things that happened in the middle will never be told And many people hide their things and they have to and this is called selective storytelling Tell me in the brand box what’s the story of the whom you follow Recently I made a case study on kylie Jenner whose story like she had bad lips from starting and then she worked on it and all But apart from lips, she might be insecure from her other body parts as well as But she only launched products for lips so this is a very common strategy Next is the data driven marketing strategy I have told you many times like in Digital marketing, growth hacking and all In all these things we took data and analyze it and then we make a product and serve it to the market We run different marketing strategies to see which one works well and then we keep investing in the good marketing strategies Now let’s assume I sell my product online and offline And after doing marketing at both platforms I realized online marketing drives good sales So I will invest more in online marketing rather than offline marketing So this is a data-driven strategy So In deatil, I have made a video on Growth hacking so check out that video This is last I am including this because elections are coming and this is called Political marketing I have already made a full video on it but still let me tell If you noticed then you know that Modi Ji boom was created Even without being selected as prime minister everyone is talking about Modi Ji and the work he did But did anyone goes to Gujrat to see what actually happened there and what strategies they are using? Most of the people in India don’t know about economics And those people are talking about Modi Ji work It was just created hype for Modi Ji all the money was invested on it then people elect Modi I agree on one thing that he took so many big steps that any prime minister never took If you want a detail video on it like what Modi Ji did till yet so tell me in the comment box I like Modi so the video will be on Modi side There’s a second thing in Political marketing and that is called negative marketing I know many students who run a political campaign for many politicians So they also have been told to run a negative campaign I am not telling you if it happens or not because I am not sure about it For example, If you are with BJP so you also have to do negative marketing of congress You have to spend more money on congress negative marketing then BJP positive marketing According to me, these marketing strategies are wrong Rahul Gandhi has created a fool guy but nobody knows him But People had edited his speech in such a way that he knows nothing But we don’t know the other sides of his speech One more negative thing is starting and that is marketing on the basis o religion, cast and all But only these types of things work in India because people mind are filled up with garbage So this is also the pat of political marketing So these were the strategies that are going to work in 2019 Comment, like and share so that everyone can know about “C” marketing and other types of marketing So share so that this video can reach to more people I hope you like this video. 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  10. Flipkart /amazon. Paytm/paypal. Ola/uber oyo/airbnb. All are copy cat. Bollywood copy hollywood. Tollywood copy bollywood. India copies usa. Big cycle.

  11. Sir , i believe shampoo sachets consist of more quantity compared to shampoo bottle( relatively) because sachets are meant for rural consumption. We dont even find shampoo bottles at rural retailers.

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