TQ cùng Campuchia siết vòng vây VN?

China and Cambodia encircle Vietnam? The news that China is building an airport in the forest in Cambodia is raising international concerns A runway inside jungle in Cambodia A runway in the middle of a jungle in Cambodia about China’s intentions for Cambodia and its military ambition in the region. According to the image in an article publicized in the New York Times the runway ran “like a scar” through what used to be a wild old jungle in southwestern Cambodia. Once completed next year on a secluded shoreline Dara Sakor International Airport will have the longest runway in Cambodia Not far away, workers are cutting trees in a national park to make way for a deep-water port capable to receive warships. Beijing’s project of building an airport in Cambodia’s forest seems very mysterious, like plotting something shady Activities at Dara Sakor and other nearby Chinese projects are raising concerns that Beijing is planning to turn the small Southeast Asian nation into a military outpost. Previous Chinese buildings on disputed islands in the East Sea (South China Sea), across the Indian Ocean and beyond, to Beijing’s first overseas military base in Djibouti, the Horn of Africa – presents an alarm about China’s military ambition at a time when the US presence in the region was weakening. Known as the “pearl chain,” Cambodia may play important role in China’s defense strategy. Analysts have sought to explain this mystery The airport area is being built by China in Cambodian forests This worker is standing in the airport construction area The New York Times asked Dr. Sophal Ear, a political scientist at Occidental University in Los Angeles: “why do Chinese people appear in the middle of a forest to build an airstrip?” And he replied “This will allow China to expand its air power across the region and change the entire rules of the game.” Cambodia, which received generous Western help after its countryside was demolished during the Vietnam War, was once considered a country deeply embedded in the trajectory of Western democratic politics. China gained control of Cambodia thanks to the help of a dictator in Cambodia Cambodian Prime Minister Hunsen In his ambition to become the longest serving leader in Asia, Hun Sen has turned away from free elections and the rule of law He aggressively attacked the United States and turned to warm Chinese relations, now Cambodia’s largest investor and trading partner US military officials said that continuing down the coast from Dara Sakor China had reached an exclusive agreement to expand an existing Cambodian naval base, although Beijing insisted that they have no military intentions in Cambodia. Lieutenant Colonel Dave Eastburn, a spokesman for the Pentagon, emailed to New York Times: “We are concerned that the runways and harbor facilities at Dara Sakor are being built on a scale large enough to be for military purposes, far beyond current infrastructure needs and commercial operations as expected.” The passionate relationship between dictator Hun Sen and China as in this photo explains the airport story in the forest Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and Chinese President Xi Jinping Lt. Col. Eastburn said: “Any step by the Cambodian government, inviting foreign military presence, will disturb the peace and stability in Southeast Asia.” A US intelligence report published this year raised the possibility that Cambodia was falling into an authoritarian regime amid Hun Sen’s tightening of power in the past 34 years, leading to China’s military presence in this country. Hun Sen denied he was allowing the Chinese military to establish its presence in Cambodia Hun Sen’s government declared the runway and Dara Sakor port would turn the remote rainforest into a global logistics center, able to “create miracles” as the advertising program Dara Sakor said. It is suspected that a treaty between Cambodia and China has been signed Cambodian Defense Minister Tea Banh and Chinese counterpart, Mr. Wei Fenghe Cambodian Defense Minister Tea Banh and Chinese counterpart, Mr. Wei Fenghe in Beijing on October 20, 2019 when China provided $85 million to the Cambodian military. A Cambodian government spokesman, Pay Siphan, said: “There will be no Chinese military in Cambodia.” He said perhaps “white people want to hold back Cambodia by stopping the country’s economic development efforts.” But in July this year, the Wall Street Journal reported that Phom Penh had signed a secret agreement that allowed China to exclusively use a part of Cambodia’s naval base near Sihanoukville, and take advantage of the accumulated military and economic power to find a way for global order change, pushing United States out of the No. 1 position. The relationship between Hun Sen and Beijing is increasingly being substantiated Prime Minister Hun Sen has been in power for more than 30 years in the country Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen inaugurated a Chinese-built bridge The WSJ reported on July 21 that under a confidential agreement signed this spring and kept secret by both countries, China had the exclusive right to use part of Cambodia’s Ream naval base in the Gulf of Thailand, not far from Dakar Sakor Dara Sakor International Airport is being built by a Chinese company. But Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen strongly denied the news on July 22 He said this was the worst fabricated news for Cambodia ever. It cannot be because the placement of foreign military bases is contrary to the Cambodian constitution. Hun Sen questioned “Why does Cambodia need the Chinese army’s presence in its territory?” There are unusual signs that Cambodia had leased land to China at the airport area Casino built in the airport area in the Cambodian forest In July, armed men arrived in the wooden house of Thim Lim, a fisherman living in Cambodia’s largest national park. They ordered him to leave. Thim Lim said Land Administration officials announced his home would be demolished next year to make way for a “Chinese-built military port.” Other villagers attending the meeting confirmed this information. Thim Lim’s land was part of a lease to Dara Sakor more than a decade ago with Union Development Group, a Chinese company that has never operated overseas with exception to acquiring 110,000 acres of Cambodian land. The deal has been suspected since its inception. Without an extensive bidding process, Union Development was awarded a 99-year lease, three times longer than what the Cambodian land law allows. The company is exempted from payment for a decade. What did the experts say about the secret agreement between China and Cambodia? Cambodia promoting Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit in the country A political scientist specializing in Cambodia and international affairs, Associate Professor Sophal Ear commented on the China-Cambodia secret agreement “I don’t believe US intelligence spreads fabricated information.” Some details of the final agreement are not clearly defined, but according to the draft treaty that the US has on hand, China is allowed to use Ream base for 30 years, and then every 10 years, the agreement will be automatically renewed. During this time, China has the right to bring troops, store weapons and send warships in and out of this port. The WSJ reported that under the draft agreement, Chinese military personnel not only had the right to carry weapons but also to carry Cambodian passports. For entering the area, Cambodians will have to get permission from the Chinese. Does that mean Cambodia has ceded its “sovereignty” in the relevant area during the time the confidentiality agreement took effect? Such information shows that Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen is increasingly leaning into China’s arms. Also 40 years ago, there were more than 55,000 People’s Army of Vietnam’s soldiers who sacrificed their blood to free Cambodia from Rough Khmer genocide. Also over 40 years ago, with the encouragement of Chinese comrades, the extreme communists in Cambodia massacred millions of people in this country and aggressively killed thousands of Vietnamese people in Vietnam’s southwest border provinces. After exerting pressure and annexing Vietnamese territory in the East Sea (South China Sea), now the risk of China’s borrowing Cambodia to cause harm for Vietnam has become more and more visible. The Vietnamese people probably need to prepare for this worst situation. Right now, the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) and its government should not hesitate, but boldly expand the military alliance with the United States and other democratic countries to break the grip that China is gradually tightening on the beloved Vietnam

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    Nói thật nhé: không ai ngu bằng CSVN.

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  37. That nguy heim, VN đúng tứ bề tho địch, nếu không đồng minh voi mỹ , vn se bi tàu cộng và campuchia xẻ từng mảnh nhỏ, và tiêu diệt trong oan khiên !!

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