Trévo Life and Health Coaches! Join the Run Your Race Promotion!

– Oh, hi there. Glad you could join me today. I’m Richard Beadle,
director of global sales and marketing at Trévo. As you can see, I’m running on a track to achieve my personal best. I guess you could say I’m running
my race to improve myself, but guess what, you can
join me in the race. The Run Your Race promotion,
which begins February 1, 2019 and runs through May of 2019. Now this isn’t a race
you run on the track, but it is a race where
there is a finish line, where there are valuable prizes
and cash waiting for you. This is a race that everyone can run just by staying on course,
increasing your activity, talking to more people,
exposing more product, and sharing your story. This is a formula for more
sales, a formula for success. This promotion was designed
specifically for you to increase your sales,
to earn valuable prizes, and to help make you successful. There are three ways to
earn cash and prizes. Number one, retail customers. For every $50 in retail
sales, you earn one point, and you can earn bonus
points with elite customers. When you enroll five to eight customers on a subscription, you will
receive five bonus points. Number two, QVP and bulk packs. For every $100 receive two points, and number three, PowerStart
Accelerate points. When you enroll somebody
on the PowerStart system, you’ll receive two points for every $150, and if you, as a Life and Health Coach, upgrade your PowerStart
system, you receive two points for every $150. Oh, and did I say prizes? All branded with the Trévo logo, the water bottle, the wonderful waist pack, and a men’s or women’s Trévo shirt. Oh, can’t forget cash prizes. These grand cash prizes are waiting for you. 1,000, 500, 250, which one do you want? Which one are you going to go get? Well, what do you think? Can you do this? I know you can. I have confidence in each
and every one of you. This is your race. This is your “why”. So come join me in the race. It’s why we’re all here. Put one foot in front of the other, one sale after another. This is your success. This is your “why”. So let’s go, join me in this race.

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