Trump Ramps Up Campaign as Mueller Report Looms: A Closer Look

-The president
is already ramping up his re-election campaign
as the specter of Robert Mueller’s report
looms over him. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ Trump’s campaign team
is signaling to reporters that they want to build
a massive re-election machine with tons of money
and resources. But as CNN reported this week, Trump’s campaign also keeps
insisting to reporters that Trump, himself,
is in charge. -We’re getting
a rare exclusive look inside the Trump 2020
re-election campaign that’s been humming since
his inauguration day. We’re hearing about the changes
that they’ve made to better use technology, and as CNN’s chief political
correspondent Dana Bash now reports, how even
the president’s campaign manager admits that Trump is
the communications director, the finance director,
campaign manager, and master of the Trump train. -I mean, maybe
he has all those jobs because no one else
wants those jobs. After the last —
[ Cheers and applause ] Remember,
after the last election, his campaign chairman,
deputy campaign chairman, national security adviser,
foreign policy adviser, informal outside advisers,
and personal lawyer all got indicted
or went to jail. It’s really hard to make
“Ocean’s Twelve” when Ocean’s Eleven
is facing 15 to 20. [ Laughter ] If you get to job working for
Trump’s re-election campaign, they hand you an HR manual
and a jump suit. I’m just kidding,
they don’t have HR manuals. [ Laughter ] Also can we hear the list of
jobs Trump supposedly has again? -Trump is the communications
director, the finance director, campaign manager,
and master of the Trump train. -Master of the Trump train
sounds like a fun one they made up to keep his
attention in a meeting. “All right, Kellyanne,
you talk to reporters, Stephen, you’re from charge
of immigration policy, and, Donald, you get to be the
conductor of the Trump train. Here’s your official hat!” Now, no one should assume that Trump is going to be
easy to beat. But as his re-Election campaign
ramps up, he’s preparing for
the political fallout from special counsel
Robert Mueller’s looming report which could come out
any week now. Yesterday, Trump was asked
if he would be in favor of making Mueller’s
report public, and he insisted
that he would be, although if you listen to
Trump’s rambling answers, it’s hard to believe
that he genuinely wants the report to come out. -I just won an election with 63 million votes or so —
63 million. I got 306 electoral votes
against 223. That’s a tremendous victory. And now somebody
just writes a report? I think it’s ridiculous. I know that he’s conflicted, and I know that his best friend
is Comey, who’s a bad cop. I know that he put
13 highly conflicted and, you know, very angry —
I call them angry Democrats in. There’s no collusion.
There was no collusion. There was no obstruction.
There was no nothing. With all of that being said, I look forward to seeing
the report. [ Laughter ] -“With all that being said,”
doesn’t really work when you just said all that. It’s like if a cop
pulled you over and asked if you’d been drinking,
you said, “Well, officer, I had three
beers, three shots of whiskeys, a screwdriver, a margarita,
two mai tais, a Martini, a bottle of wine, six jello
shots, and a line of coke. With all that being said,
I think I’m good to drive. [ Laughter ] But it’s important to remember
that Mueller’s report is not the be-all-end-all, and Russian collusion
is not the only crime Trump is being investigated for. In fact, there are multiple
law enforcement agencies investigating virtually
every aspect of Trump’s life from his personal finances
to his business. And this week, we got
some blockbuster reporting suggesting that Trump
may have lied to a bank about his net worth
to get a loan. -“The New York Times”
is reporting that years ago, Deutsche Bank loaned
over $2 billion to President Trump,
even though they allegedly knew that he was lying about
his net worth. -The story says, “Mr. Trump
told Deutsche Bank his net worth was about
$3 billion. But when the bank employees
reviewed his finances, they concluded he was worth
about $788 million. -He inflated his net worth
by more than $2 billion. It’s like when you see a guy
on tinder who says he speaks six languages, and then he takes you
to Starbucks and goes, “Can I have a Farpakieno?” [ Laughter ] You want a farpakieno?
Make it deuce-o.” But the craziest
part of this story is that despite
all the red flags, Deutsche Bank gave Trump
billions of dollars anyway. Time after time,
the bank handed over money, a total well over $2 billion to a man who nearly all other
banks had deemed untouchable. Aside from his history
of defaults, he was an attractive borrower. That’s an insane sentence —
A history of defaults is what makes you
an unattractive borrower. It’s like an episode
of “dateline” that starts “he was an attractive husband, aside from his history
of murder.” [ Ominous music plays ] [ Laughter ] The story is such
a perfect microcosm of how the game is rigged
for people like Donald Trump. The guy allegedly lied
about his net worth and defaulted on loans, yet a major bank was happy
to give him $2 billion. Compare that to
the 2008 financial crisis, when conservatives were furious
at the idea that President Obama
was going to help out struggling homeowners who
couldn’t pay their mortgages. Conservatives said at the time
that if you took out a mortgage you couldn’t afford,
it was your fault. You might even remember
this famous rant on CNBC by a guy named Rick Santelli. This is the rant that is
credited by many people with starting the Tea Party
movement. -The government is promoting
bad behavior. How about this, President
and new administration — Why don’t you put up a website to have people vote
on the Internet as a referendum to see if we really want to
subsidize the losers’ mortgages. This is America! How many of you people
want to pay for your neighbors’ mortgage
that has an extra bathroom and can’t pay their bills?
Raise their hand. How about we all —
[ Audience booing ] Agh! President Obama,
are you listening? -To answer your question,
No, he wasn’t, because we used to
have a president who didn’t spend all day
watching cable TV. [ Cheers and applause ] Now if you go on TV and say, “President Trump,
are you listening?” He would call in
five minutes later. [ As Trump ]
Heard you loud and clear. And yet, despite the culture
of criminality and corruption surrounding the president, Republicans are already
falling in line with his re-election bid, even ones to expressed
reservations about him. Take, for example,
Texas Congressman Will Hurd, who has criticized Trump’s
demand for a border wall. Hurd has cast himself
as a champion of bipartisan compromise. In fact, in 2017,
he famously went on a 36-hour road trip
with Democrat Beto O’Rourke. They even live streamed
parts of it on Facebook. -After 36 hours and 1,600 miles from San Antonio
to Washington in a Chevy Impala, Democrat Beto O’Rourke
and Republican Will Hurd have become a little closer. -♪ We’re the best of friends ♪ on the road, they found a mutual
appreciation for country music, fast food — -Whataburger unites us all. -And topics that you’ll never
find in any buddy movie. -We need to be bringing more
people on the healthcare rolls, not fewer. -Building a wall from
sea to shining sea is the most expensive
and least effective way to do border security. -Wow, that is the most
policy heavy road trip since that documentary
about legalizing weed starring Cheech & Chong. [ Laughter ] The road trip went viral, and Beto even declined to help
Hurd’s Democratic opponent in 2018 as a sign
of their friendship, so naturally, when Hurd
was asked earlier this month if he would vote for his friend,
Beto, over the president, he was repeatedly criticized. Hurd said he would definitely
vote for Donald Trump. -Who would you vote for between
Beto O’Rourke and Donald Trump? -My plan is to vote for
the Republican nominee. -Man, you know it’s bad
when you can’t even say the name of the guy you’re voting for. Republicans are gonna have to
print out lawn signs that say “Republican nominee,
whoever that is, 2020.” [ Laughter ] Also, you’re going to toss Beto after all you’ve been through? Because if you went on
a road trip and ate Whataburger, I can only imagine fart cloud
you two shared. [ Laughter ] Right-wing pundits who
distanced themselves from Trump are falling in line, too, like former Fox News host,
Glenn Beck. Beck spent most of his years as one of the most unhinged
voices on Fox, warning that nefarious forces
were destroying the country, and trying to prove
that Obama was a dictator by circling random letters
on a chalkboard like he was playing a dickhead
version of the Jumble. -Obama, the left,
internationalists, graft,
ACORN-style organizations, revolution,
and hidden agenda. O…L…I… G…A…R…H. [ Laughter ] One letter is missing. And then tie them all together
into one word. Oligarch. The one that’s missing… is “Y.”
-No. No. That’s not — That’s not
the letter you’re missing. You spelled oligarchy without
a “C.” That’s oligarhy. You’re closer to spelling
Olive Garden. [ Laughter ] Now, now… [ Applause ] In 2016, Beck seemed to have
a change of heart. HE apologized for extremist
rhetoric, said he would not vote
for Trump, and even told
“The New York Times,” “I think he could be one
of the most dangerous presidents to ever come into
the oval office.” At the time, many suspected this was all just an act
to rebrand himself, and when he went on Fox News
this week to talk about 2020, he finally dropped the act. -I will tell you this —
if the Republicans don’t win in this next election, I think we are officially at the end of the country
as we know it. -Oh, my God. Hold on, you guys. He’s on Fox News… [ Laughter ] …talking about the end
of the United States… which can mean only one thing —
“F.U.” [ Laughter ] And I’m sorry, but we’re not — [ Cheers and applause ] We’re not taking
political advice — Nobody wants to take
political advice from divorced Santa Claus
over here. And we can tell he’s pandering
to Trump because he’s started to
dress like The Colonel. [ Laughter ] Republicans are falling in line
with Trump’s re-election bid despite the culture
of corruption and criminality around him. So many of his closest
associates have been indicted, and every aspect of his personal
life is being investigated. At this point,
in order not to find a crime, you’d have to be a —
-Bad cop. -This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪

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  2. Hard working American People love and respect our Awesome President TRUMP!!!! We do not believe in fake news 🙂 🙂 🙂 Deal with it, he is our President!!!

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    Just like his Father gave him a dump-truck full of money and that proves Trump brilliant business man?

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    As far as the "Loan" they were called "Liars Loans" back in the day… EVERYONE did them. Nothing new, just like the Mueller report.






  12. He thinks he is gonna get reelected may as well bend over and kiss his ass goodbye and pay for his own Marolago vacations with his Monopoly money and keep telling us it's all lies please make Trump take his sorry ass away forever a fucking rat could do better

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    Will the media's obscenely overpaid talking heads/muppets have the cojones and credibility to admit publicly that they're just a heap of cowards and self-serving, geopolitically clueless/cowardly numbskulls ?
    Pigs might fly.
    Paul G

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    Instead they should all be working on setting up fallbacks in countries without extradition treaties…

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  35. "My plan is to vote for the Republican nominee."
    Does anyone on the right see the problem with that? Anyone? Anyone at all?

    Substitute "Democrat" and you should arrive at the same conclusion. It's wrong. We should never have people voting that way. That's how countries crash horribly. You're supposed to vote according to your conscience, not your party affiliation. Those founding fathers you love to quote, and virtually everyone since then, agrees that partisanship is the end of a republic, a democracy, and virtually every other form of government but a totalitarian dictatorship that only allows the ruling party.

    Do you see the problem yet? Anyone? Anyone at all?

  36. Are the American people totally unaware, that the word Trump (verb), is is an English term to describe the passing of wind from the anus? Trump, as a verb, is considered less offensive than the colloquial term for the same said passing of wind from the anus… Fart! So Trump and Fart, in English, have the same meaning, a passing of wind from the anus! Rather unfortunate for Donald I would have thought!

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