UBC Blue & Gold Campaign for Students – Haley Seven Deers Interview

– Each UBC student has
an exceptional story. Each are uniquely talented. But not all have the same opportunities. They need your help. This is one of their stories. – I originally, out of high school, wanted to go to UBC, but because of my financial situation, I wasn’t able to, and then
when I got this scholarship, it made all of my dreams come true, and I was just so happy
to have the opportunity to pursue my goals. My name is Haley Seven Deers, and I am studying a double
major at UBC Okanagan in History and Anthropology. In my heritage, oral history and storytelling is very important. I felt a deep connection to
history and anthropology, because they’re two disciplines that really focus on that specifically. Our future and our now is
completely shaped by our history and where we’ve come from. And I think that’s very important to have an understanding of that to make a better future. These awards are truly
life changing for students. Every bit, however small
or large that you donate is going to have a huge impact
in other people’s lives, and not just on the students, but on all the people
that they will affect later on in their careers. It has such far reaching
impact within society, so it’s just such a big chain reaction, and that’s just, thank you. – With your support, graduate
and undergraduate students will have access to the
resources they need. Please give now to the Blue
& Gold Campaign for Students, Change their world so
that they can change ours.

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