Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 – Announcement Trailer (ESRB)

This city will bleed you dry. Your’e young you’ll fight over scraps. Safety is bought with blood yours theirs ours. Make one mistake and it’s over. Here no one’s hands stay clean. You will come to despise it as much as I do. But I’ve waited so long to see it again.

100 thoughts on “Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 – Announcement Trailer (ESRB)

  1. Man I literally just downloaded the first one to play it before attempting to play this when it comes out.
    Probably the closest thing i'll get to a bloodrayne game again lol

  2. OH SHIT!!!! yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finaly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz dont rush it but take youre time and give a good finished end product.

  3. Honestly, as far as capturing the essence of Bloodlines, the trailer for World of Darkness does a better job at it – I think. This one isn't bad, but the art style in the other one and the narration are on point.

  4. New clan: Muslim. Strengths: Cloak hijab (if female) makes you blend in among rural elderly women. Weakness: If you break the masquerade (unveil cloak) male cultists will come for you. Power: Can go for prolonged time without feeding (during ramadan) Power requires 5x daily prayer

  5. What`s with my character from the first one i know it was a expolsion BUT HE WAS A FRICKIN STRONG VAMPIRE

  6. Hopefully when this game comes out and is actually good people will say .. "This is what Vampyr should have been like"

  7. Bloodlines 2 has no effective use of raytracing and a day and night cycle, like a world without atmosphere and oxygen. It does not live well with it. I hope Bloodlines 3 is doing better!

  8. I'm really hoping this will be good, but i am almost certain it will not have the same impact on people that the first one did. Bloodlines was very much a product of the early 2000's.

    That LA atmosphere, that darkwave/goth rock/gothic metal/industrial soundtrack, the personalities, it's all stuff that either won't be in this game or wouldn't really fit in. Times have changed.
    Maybe they can achieve something similar with today's Seattle. A lot of the guys responsible for Bloodlines are on board for this one too, but even with those guys, some of the circumstances that allowed them to make something so memorable have changed as well. We'll see.

  9. OMG , I open a champain bottle for the occasion !!
    And i'll keep the empty bottle after that … to smash it in the Paradox Manager 's face if the new version is a failure !

  10. The grandest story ever encapsulated in a video game deverves the best. This looks to hearken to this call

  11. First game was amazing and this looks to be so to. thankyou for once again letting us explore the masquerade

  12. Just have finished the first Bloodlines.
    Can't wait 2020 , before i played the first bloodlines i thought that it's just good RPG vampire , and now i think is going to be the greatest vampire RPG ever made.

  13. I had played the first part of this game when I was 26.I had loved it a lot.I think It was in 2005. Now I'm 40.I hope 2nd part of the game will be epic as well as the first one.

  14. For those who wanna see a Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Remix, check my profile. Some other music as well there.

  15. Please for the love of God bring this to the switch please please please please please I missed out on this when I was younger and I really want to play it

  16. VR since it's all in first person would be cool. Facial animations would admittedly make it better. Also ability variety. Solid for modders?

  17. Tips for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 1
    Play it once without community Patches.
    Install community Patches.

    Replay it with every Vampire you can choose from.

  18. After looking at the artwork for each of the factions, I realized this trailer shows us the character models for Lou Grand of the Pioneers and Alec Cross of the Camarilla. Obviously they wouldn't show the Baron or the Council of Three, but I do hope we get to see Viktor Goga in action soon.

  19. I wish there was a playable demo of this game. And I really really hope the game will have a 3rd person mode. I really hate it when great games go with first person camera.

  20. The graphics will be much worse that in this trailer 100%

    Стопудова будет отстойная графика в игре, а не эта шикарная из трейлера.

  21. – Watch the trailer over, over and over again until you destroy the repeat button [Check!]
    – Buy and go play the first game for more than 10 hours in two days [Check!]
    – Preorder the next game in the blood moon edition and searching everywhere for a release date [Check!]
    – Go reading fanfictions about the game and listening to the original soundtracks [Check!]
    – Go check about the 5th edition books of Vampire the Masquerade for a future roleplay game as a GM [Check!]

    Nothing can't stop me now !!!! What have you done to me ?!!! xD

  22. Hello, is it true that it is not possible to play the game as Nosferatu?

    What I liked most about VTMB 1 was the initial survey to determine your clan.

  23. Vampire the masquerade redemption was my favorite game at the time.
    Bloodlines was good enough, but it had a lot of bugs.
    So I hope they do it right this time. Not sure about the character design I am seeing in this trailer.

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