Video tutorial: how to build ad-hoc queries – trade

Welcome to a EUMOFA video tutorial. This tutorial will help you build ad-hoc queries for accessing and downloading the data stored in the EUMOFA database. Let us build a query to get
trade data from 2015. Under Data and Reports,
under Yearly data, select Ad-hoc queries. The editor page will be displayed. On the left side of the screen you can find all the items you can select and add as filters. Let us, for example, find out how many kilograms of salmon were imported by the EU from Norway. Expand Supply Chain Stage in the Fields area. Right click on Supply Chain Stage and choose
Create Filter. Do the same for all the items you need. In our case, add the filters Year, Main Commercial Species, Flow type, and Partner country. Once you have added the filters you can
choose a specific data you need. Under supply chain stage click on
Import / Export. Do the same with the other filters. In our case under Year select
2015, Salmon, Import, and Norway. Click Apply to validate the filters. Now you can arrange the data into a table. Let us display data by
EU Member State. Expand Location in the Fields area. Right click on Country and select Add to rows. In the measures area, right click on
Volume and select Add to rows. You can also add
more specific data to your query. For instance, let us find out in which preservation state salmon is most frequently imported. Right click on Preservation state and
select Add to rows. Click on the + sign to display more
detailed data. You can always change the filters used in the table. For instance, let us compare
2015 with 2014 data. In the filters area on the right, under the
year select 2014 as well. Remember to click on Apply to validate
your changes. Right click on Year and select Add to column. Data will now be displayed for both 2014 and 2015. You can save your query for future use. You can also download the results
of your query in many formats. Let us download it as an Excel file. Save the file
and open it once it is finished downloading

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