Visibly Unwell Trump Sounds Mental Decline Alarm

So we already talked about the visibly sweaty
and orange, Donald Trump, a black bragging to a Colorado Springs crowd about his followers
essentially being cultists. I want to take a few minutes now to mention
more generally that at that same rally in Colorado Springs and at the following one
that he did in Las Vegas, Nevada, Donald Trump looked and sounded more unwell than we’ve
seen in a really long time. And the things he was saying were concerning
the way he looked was concerning and the way he sounded was concerning. And people are noticing the international
business times reported Trump reportedly looks bad at Vegas rally POTUS suffering from mental,
physical decline. A number of other articles asked essentially
the same questions. Let’s look at some examples from two events. Again, it’s the Colorado Springs rally and
then a Las Vegas rally. Trump again, visibly sweaty, very red upper
Trump and Colorado Springs downer. Trump in Las Vegas. Uh, maybe Trump arriving sort of late East
coast time for the Colorado Springs rally. Maybe needed a little something to get them
going for that one. Wouldn’t be surprising if he was getting himself
a boost with something. Check out Trump, unable to read his teleprompter
in the context, uh, that, uh, the speech is written slurring about the Rocky mountains,
making no syntactical sense here. Beautiful place beneath the majestic peaks. That’s true of the Rocky mountains with thousands
of terrific, hardworking, great American Patriots. Trump then started wildly reading totally
out of context numbers with no reasonable inflection where you can even understand what
on earth this guy is talking about. Nice one. Look at this. Look at this. Trump 70% next one is 18% next one is seven,
four, three, three, three, two, one, one, one didn’t do well in the debate. See, have fake news. Then Trump’s slurring and attacking someone. Not exactly sure who is this [inaudible] feels good. [inaudible] she’s a third rate journalist. Let’s go. We’re standing up in defense of our constitution and then Trump started mixing up conflicting
conspiracy theories, which was really weird. Try to understand this and look at how he
takes like two or three words from different conspiracy theories and you know, we’re working with a cloud. We’re working with these people that want
to take you out. They want to change the results. They got caught spying with st like it is
right. They got caught spying on our election factors. Hey, fake news, take your cameras for change
and show them the room and show him the cloud spying fake news election like it’s
completely dissembling in front of our very eyes. Then he starts talking about mayor Pete and
I guess now he’s referring to mayor Pete as Buddha touch Buddha touch. Listen to this. Alfred E Newman booty tech, little put a touch. I said, I’ve had you up to here. They had little Buddha case leading Donald
Trump in Texas. These people, but very close or you said it’s
too close to call. This is a poll where booted dead. So a friend of mine from Texas, a big powerful,
strong guy, real Texas. He’s got the cowboy hat. I’d love to wear that hat. I wouldn’t have to call buy sob. I wouldn’t need hairspray. Right. I’d love those Texas. That’s, I don’t know if we’d get away with
it or Washington. That’s why I live, but I love it. Then Trump really struggling to say the word
statistics killing you within a very short period of
time. You’re going to see some [inaudible] coming
out on one statisticians. I got to do it right. Otherwise they’ll say, what throne? I liked that status sticks. So this is already bad enough, right? This is Colorado Springs, but then we go to
Las Vegas and things get even worse. Trump trying to talk about some health care
plan he was supposedly going to do already, but then it never happened and he sounds like
a used car salesman. Notice that Trump in Vegas, this is now downer. Trump, Trump and Colorado Springs was upper. Trump read talking quickly. This is now downer. Trump talking about, we’re going to give you
brand new preexisting. Now you might be saying there’s gotta be some
other word missing there. Yeah, but Trump’s talking about brand new,
preexisting for Obamacare, but we’re going to terminate
it. We’re going to give you your preexisting a
hundred otherwise I won’t do it. We’re going to give you brand new, preexisting,
and we’re going to have a great healthcare that’s much less expensive. Then Trump mocks Joe Biden for his stutter. That’s a disability. It’s like mocking someone for having diabetes and Biden is androgen. Biden is, everything’s anchor cheesy. And that’s what happens when you can’t get
the words out. No, it does. That’s what happens. Right? When you can’t get the words out, you get
angry, you get angry cause you can’t get the words that might happen to me some day. Can you imagine if that happened to me, man,
when I’d be in our bad guy. And then this is the height of megalomania
Trump claims and maybe believes that if a plane crashed with 700 people on it, media
wouldn’t cover it. But instead they would talk about Donald Trump. You know, cable was supposed to be obsolete
and now they’re doing the highest numbers they’ve ever done. If an airplane goes down with 700 people,
they don’t cover it. If it’s not truck related, they don’t cover,
it’s gotta be Trump or Trump related. So the plane goes down and it’s total devastation. If the ship down, if the Titanic is the Titanic
equivalent went down, they wouldn’t cover it unless I was on the sucker. And then of course the capstone, the slurring
begins to take place in Vegas. Remember Trump was upper Trump and Colorado
Springs. Trump downer. Trump in Vegas and downer. Trump often does the slurring, ladies and gentlemen introducing president
Alfred E Newman, but she, nobody knows cause you’re all too young. Nobody knows who Alfred. It’s bad magazine. It’s very bad. It’s very bad. And people around Donald Trump are continuing
to privately sound the alarm and at this rate, if this continues, the debates are going to
be something else. It will, it will be like nothing we have ever
seen before. No matter who the democratic nominee eventually
is. I, I presume that upper Trump would be better
for the debates than downer Trump. And so we would expect more of the Trump that
was in Colorado Springs than the Trump that was in Las Vegas, Nevada. Let me know what you think. I don’t know what to make of
it at this point

100 thoughts on “Visibly Unwell Trump Sounds Mental Decline Alarm

  1. Republican Trumpists are too moronic to see the truth anymore. We need to suspend their voting priveledes until Trump is gone. They are unable to grasp the idea of democracy, and are now a cult.

  2. Hey I have a question. Forgive my political naiveté, but is there any republikkkans running against Chump at all???

  3. Predator Tramp maybe mentally unstable but his fans/supporters/ loyalists only enable his manic behaviour. Many of his followers are probably just as unstable.

  4. Any person who rails on trump for being mentally unfit for president while voting for Biden is a disgusting hypocrite.

  5. He's working hard so his ass don't get kicked out of that office. Scared to go to jail, this is just another HOAX.. 😁😂😂😂

  6. Why does trump feel like he needs to shout out all the numbers like a talking lottery ball machine gone nuts? Also he is weird… He’s singing a little song at the end like he is on Sesame Street or something singing about numbers what he needs to do is sit down and go watch the episode of Sesame Street worried explains how numbers function because he does not have a clue

  7. health care less expensive-really? Was this from the 2016 election. He still has not done anything about health care except go to SC to get rid of pre-existing conditions.

  8. God sent the Corona virus to help Our President get rid of people like YOU! The liberal Democrat locust army! See ya!

  9. It could be a form of drug induced dementia. Why aren't drs and psychiatrists getting involved to the point of demanding a legally court ordered analysis of congresses choice. Not his private drs. More than one opinion and report their findings to both congress and the courts?

  10. The supporters… Check out the documentary The Brainwashing of My Dad. It explains how Fox and right wing propaganda has radicalized Americans for decades and it's truly frightening. Now add in Cambridge Analytica and hostile foreign countries that Trump and Klan welcomed. The documentary The Great Hack explains

  11. Hes like a shitty 50s comedian with no material just vamping and working the crowd.
    I fucking hate that fucking guy.

  12. Trump's base don't need him to make any sense. They are low comprehension and don't care.
    I mean, look at them. Step aside folks, our "Dear Leader" is here, I'm having an emotional orgasm.

  13. Its sad to see so many people follow a bully and a crazy person rambling on.
    Its been said that persistent lying is the precursor to dementia. Time will tell.

  14. The DNC will fuck this up again. It’s time to make a third progressive party. They will say it will give Trump a win, but we already know Trump will win against Biden. Progress of the People party. I’m so done with these billionaires and a lot of us are and ready to burn it down.

  15. He has gone insane because he can't handle that most people see him for the evil selfish greedy man he is.

  16. Who ever he has to go up against in the debates, I really hope they use his lies against him and make him look like the moron he is.

  17. really? I can understand Trump's words perfectly. They're disorganized, ungrammatical, and often totally incoherent. Trump seems to be in his prime condition to me.

  18. He thinks he's funny and he's so not, like, at all.
    I'm waiting for him to say
    "Am I right or am I right, eh?

    That's what happens when u cant get the words out. That's what happens. Can u imagine if that happened to me? If I did that?"

    Dude. YOU DO- DO THAT!! In fact, YOU do it WORSE & MORE often than Biden!!

    Why do these morons even laugh? And I ask that KNOWING that my parents DID laugh at that, AT that Las Vegas rally! So fuckn sad!

  19. Trump is preparing for his exit . He knows a jail sentence or two or three awaits . He is getting ready to go to a sanatorium for the insane instead of straight to jail. He is crazy like a fox. A small mean man who has a little heart if any heart at all. Jesus is Love

  20. If your disability is to stutter.
    Then don't get into a line of work that demands constant speeches.
    David is so dumb.
    And his followers comments down below only confirms this. TRUMP2020

  21. This is a beautiful mental decline. A PERFECT mental decline. No one can decline mentally like trump. No one has seen a mental decline like this in the history of declines. They call it a very stable mental decline!

  22. Not a Trump supporter but all I see is a guy rushing from one rally to another, maybe a bit tired at times, and doing the same stream of consciousness stuff he always did. Do you not understand, his crowd likes him because he is not fully scripted, and speaks his mind spontaneously. Unlike the slick speechifying so ubiquitous among politicians. This is why his followers call him honest even though he spouts non facts. He seems honest in the way he opens his mouth and his thoughts come out with minimal editing. Thats all.

  23. What trump on drugs… that's like america being stupid enough to believe trump is a genius! Oh crap! Trump is on drugs!!! Good thing I'm not american.

  24. People usually slur their speech when they're high. I'm just saying maybe he needs to lay off the drugs.

  25. Put trump on the stage with Biden or Sanders. Trump is absolutely, completely fucked.
    I want Sanders, fuck Biden-idiot right wing

  26. David, he wasn't talking about "booty tech" he was trying to say the word Buttigieg (Pete). But I understand if you didn't understand it. We are many with that problem.:)

  27. His supporters don’t care. He could have full blown dementia, shuffling around with no pants on and they’d still declare he was a better president than any other option 🤦‍♀️

  28. Biden vs Trump .
    The debates are going to go down in legend .
    Just imagine the orgy of abject stupidity that will be on display ……

    Where’s my popcorn ?

  29. He has nothing to say ..ever!! . He has no plan …again!! . He just wants to think he is important!! . He not ..hes weak, worthless, and criminal . He has lied to americans for 4yrs!! . It makes americans SICK
    to listen to him .

  30. some people are so stupid that they are letting an intellectually impaired degenerate with alzheimers lead them. humans deserve to be extinct

  31. David you’re looking visibly sweaty…. and from what I’ve seen, you’re doing worse than We’ve seen in a long time…. this whole election thing has got your panties in a knot…… you should just relax and take a vacation or something

  32. I’m not even watching trump..I’m watching the people behind him reacting to nonsense. How can these people not see thru his facade

  33. He takes multiple sudafeds from the U.K, snorts adderall/ cocaine combination and sleeps for about 2 hours a night…. Of course he is losing the plot!!

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