Vyral Marketing Review: Greg McDaniel (Real Estate Uncensored)

My name is Greg McDaniel. I’m a real estate agent here in
the area of northern California with the McDaniel Callahan
team and we have been using a company called Vyral Marketing. Now Vyral Marketing is a company I’ve been searching for
for a long, long time. The reason why is that
they do video emails. All I have to do as the agent, is get in front of this camera, speak into a microphone, and then they’ll do all the post
production on the video so I don’t have to deal with it and I can have beautiful
videos produced for me every single week. I have a coach that coaches me on how and what to say, they do all the pre-interviews on any information that I
want to talk about and if I can’t come up with something, which is not a problem for me, they will go out and find
topics for me to talk about. They also built me a blog with all my social media connected. They also have a testimonial interviewer that will go out and call my past clients and get testimonials in audio format which they give to me and I can put it on my site. You guys, this company
does so much more for you than meets the eye, not to mention the fact that they’ll go and scrape all of your data of all of your contacts and they’ll put it into
a nice little bundle and then they’ll email
it out to that group, every other week they’ll put an email out, then they give you a click report to show you who clicked through and who watched the videos, who didn’t, the whole nine so you can go back and
follow up with them. It’s a beautiful system. If you’ve been thinking about doing video for any industry that you may be in, highly, highly, highly, highly
recommend Vyral Marketing. If you have any questions,
you like to pick my brain, please contact me at 925-855-4186 and if you just feel comfortable enough after watching this video,
get a hold of Vyral, they’ll take great care of you.

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