Warren and Trump’s Dueling Campaign Rallies | The Daily Show

So, let’s start
with Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts senator
and mom who knows all the two-letter words
in Scrabble. -(applause)
-Over the past few months, her rally crowds
have been growing steadily, and last night, she brought
her show to New York. So, overnight,
Senator Elizabeth Warren drawing one of her biggest crowds
of her campaign today. Thousands filled New York’s
Washington Square Park last night to hear her speak. NEWSWOMAN:
Thematically, the speech was all about anti-corruption, Warren hitting President Trump as being corruption
in the flesh. No one is above the law, not even
the United States president. Impeachment is
our constitutional duty. After that enormous event
in New York City, Warren spent almost four hours taking selfies with supporters. That’s right. After her speech, Elizabeth Warren
spent four hours taking selfies
with her supporters. It took three hours
to get through most of the crowd and then an extra hour
for that one annoying person who’s never satisfied. Just like,
“Oh, no, wait, I look weird. “I look weird.
Let’s do it again. “Okay, let’s try portrait mode.
Okay, okay. “Now one with funny faces. Ah! “Wait, wait.
Oh, my memory’s full. “Hold on,
let me delete a podcast. Hold on, hold on.” Now, one of the reasons
Warren is so popular isn’t just that she has plans. It’s that unlike
her fellow candidates, she knows how to present
her policies in a simple way. And last night,
her plan for a wealth tax got the crowd going. It’s time for a wealth tax. That is a two-cent tax on fortunes over $50 million. Your first $50 million, don’t worry,
you’re in the clear. But for your 50 millionth
and first dollar, you got to pitch in two cents and two cents
for every dollar after that. Just two cents. (cheering and applause) (chanting):
Two cents! Two cents! Two… Yeah, not only
is that a great chant, it also sounds like the name of a much less successful
50 Cent, you know? Yeah, it’s just like… ♪ Two Cents, go, shorty,
it’s your birthday ♪ ♪ I couldn’t buy you anything
for your birthday ♪ ♪ Here’s a coupon
for a free hug. ♪ Now, while Elizabeth Warren
was taking over New York, Donald Trump
was doing his campaign rally in New Mexico,
a solidly blue state with a large
Hispanic population, which probably explains why,
uh, Donald tried to tailor his message
to the crowd. And I’m not gonna lie. It got
a little bit uncomfortable. Another great friend of mine. He happens to be Hispanic,
but I never quite figured it out because he looks more
like a WASP than I do. So I haven’t
figured that one out. But I’ll tell you what, there is nobody
that loves this country more or Hispanic more
than Steve Cortes. Steve. (cheering and applause) Thank you, Steve. Nobody loves the Hispanics more. Who do you like more,
the country or the Hispanics? He says the country.
I don’t know. I-I may have to go
for the Hispanics, to be honest with you. (audience groaning) What in brown Jesus’s name
was that? What do you like more,
the country or Hispanics? Those two things aren’t even
in the same category. “What do you like better,
Pepsi or Mongolia, huh?” It’s also a shitty question
because it implies that Hispanics aren’t a part
of the country, right? And-and what’s amazing
is that it was still somehow only the second
most offensive thing that Trump said in that clip because Trump also said
he was confused by his Hispanic friend
who looks too white? He’s like, “I don’t get it. “How come
you’re not wearing a sombrero “or dancing the salsa? You’re less Hispanic
than Sean Spicer.” And when Trump wasn’t busy
torturing Hispanic people with weird mind games, he tried to stay focused on going
after his Democratic rivals. But in the middle of his rant, a fly buzzed in front
of Trump’s face, and that totally threw
the president off. So I always say
“the Democrat Party.” But that’s their name,
the Democrat Party. Frankly,
they should probably change it, because it does– And then
I call ’em the Democratic Party. But the Democrat Party has never been farther outside
the mainstream. Every major… That’s a nasty fly. (laughter) I don’t like those suckers. I don’t know about you
in New Mexico, but I’m not into flies
or mosquitoes. (laughter) Yeah, Mr. President,
I’m pretty sure nobody is into flies
or mosquitoes. What?
What kind of a riff is that? “What about cancer?
Anybody like cancer? Yeah? “Yeah, what do you like better,
cancer or Hispanics? What do you like?” Now, after the fly was escorted
out of the arena, Trump managed to get around
to his policies, and his main pitch
is that he plans to move America forward
into the 1980s. Cars have so much junk
on them now. To save a tiny little… fraction of gasoline, they have so much junk that they’re less safe. So what I want to do
is the following. Under our rules and regulations, they could be
a little bit heavier. I mean, they make ’em now
like papier-mâché. Somebody touches ’em
and the entire car collapses. We will defeat the effort
to drive up the cost of houses, cars, health care, light bulbs. Right? They took away our light bulb. I want an incandescent light. I want to look better, okay? (laughter) Yep, that’s right. Trump wants to roll back
energy regulations instituted by Bush
and completed by Obama because he thinks he looks
better under old light bulbs. And if you ask me, there are
much easier ways to look better than rewriting
U.S. energy policy, you know? Maybe you could try–
I don’t know– uh, a normal haircut, you know? Or a suit that fits. Or just standing next
to Stephen Miller, you know? Uh… Yeah.
Maybe he’s born with it… ♪ Maybe he’s next to Steve. ♪
You never know. And, by the way, by the way,
new cars are meant to collapse in an accident,
right? You should know this. Because
the more impact the car absorbs, the less that’s transferred
to the passengers or the driver. It’s called a crumple–
I don’t even know why I’m explaining science
to a guy who stares at the sun during an eclipse.
This is a waste of time. Let’s move on. So Elizabeth Warren was talking about making
the super rich pay more. Two cents more.
Trump, at the same time, was bragging about how he helped
the mega rich keep their cash. We eliminated
the unfair estate tax -or death tax
-(cheering) so that you can now give
your farm or your ranch to your children. Now, if you don’t like
your children, don’t do it. I know a guy
who can’t stand his children. They’re horrible,
horrible human beings. They’re a little older now, but
they’re horrible human beings. Really, Donald? You “know a guy”
who hates his children? -(laughter, applause)
-Hmm? “You won’t believe
how horrible these kids are. “Let’s call them
Beric and John Dunior. “I hate them. Their sister is hot though.”

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  1. Trump he has already won the 2020 election all you have to do is hold the vote. He still part of the system the system is corrupt. Justice is not just it is applied in tier level like blue lives matter. Officers that remain quiet about the corruption I should say Criminal action of the officers makes them complicit. If you're silent about something that is wrong and then you are just as guilty as a person that is doing it. Remember part of the selection all the world's a stage people been trying to tell the population the story of how they're being controlled and how they can't see the blamed liberal actions of the power-hungry Agents of the government

  2. "I know a GUY who hates his KIDS,they are HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! human beings…." am i the only one who cracked up hearing this? heck.. first thing i thought of was his kids too…#deadwithlaughter

  3. Trump hate Hispanic, Black, Muslin, Asian, White non European and poor white people. If you are rich and white then you are good with him. Sadly this is true America. Please open your eyes before is to late.

  4. Trump is Truth. Whose idea was it to stop making light bulbs for 79 cents and replace it with one for 19.95? We are so used to being tricked we don't even see when someone is setting the record straight. I am BLACK and I like Trump.

  5. 4:22 Girl in the lower right corner. And later the woman behind her is crying, I'm not sure why; though it has to be awkward, standing front-and-center as bkgd props: "Get me two Lah-teen-ahs. LAh-TEEN-AHs.. with the picant..pica- the spicy? The- ..just make 'em HOT." ☆ And what was that other crap he was trying to say? *"Nobody loves his country more or his panic more?"* That made NO sense! 🙄..I miss our old president: the one who could pluck a fly out of the air.

  6. Warren takes corporate money. Bernie doesn't. Can't fathom why progressives fall for her bullshit. Transferring corporate funds fro your senate race to the presidential election does not count as "not taking corporate money". She's not going to change anything. You'll see. Vote Bernie or Yang, not this bitch.

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  9. …they couldn't take away his light bulb because he's never had one – (intelligent thought or words come out his mouth, etc.).

  10. I do support getting rid of the estate tax. Many farmers and ranchers were being killed by the taxes.As a result, they had to sell the land and now we have suburban sprawl everywhere.

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  13. Donald Trump is reaching so hard….his rallies are really bad comedy shows….NO POLITICS….NO POLICIES….and look at the people that laugh at him!! WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU??

  14. He does not have a higher mind so he has to attract lower minded people…I mean come on people..he has been saying "I will give you this and that" from the beginning and you LAUGH!!…But you never get what he said he will give you…..people jeez

  15. On Trump and cars, electric vehicles (EVs) don’t need to worry about these restrictions, and they’re cheaper to operate.

  16. You americans should set a maximum amount of money a candidate can spend during campaign, and this money should not be much… this way candidates would have to sound, at the very least, reasonable. Because what I see here is utterly disturbing, just like visiting a Circe de Soleil show… and this goes for both sides, Republicans as well as Democrats.

  17. I feel that Trump is a parody by himself!!! I am not American but the US elections are a big deal in my country…for us it kinda represents who's gonna be ruling or poking fingers all around the world for the coming several years and more importantly who may be affecting our internal policies for the current time…When I was following the last elections I didn't think there was any way Trump would be elected…I still can't believe he was and it kinda scares me that there are people out there that are hardcore fans of his policies and beliefs…this makes the world a scarier place to me than it already is….

  18. I dont care about a wealth tax, they earn their money but I wanna see people making millions not pay their employees shit so they need three jobs to live a life not worth while

  19. Wealth tax won't work. Rich folks are to good at evading taxes. Andrew Yang is the only candidate who will be able to tax the rich with a VAT so every amazon purchase, facebook ad, google search, or robot truck mile will be taxed and then given back to the people! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VHK7Uml8cc

  20. My parents aren't rich at all…. But we shouldn't have to pay estate tax!!!! No one worked and earned it but them!!! And I'm only talking about $200,000 . No one should pay a death tax!!!

  21. Are we calling all pictures selfies now? How many of those pictures with Liz were actual selfies? Probably none! Maybe I'm getting old, or maybe I'm just a language nerd.

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    Bernie gets endorsed by AOC, Ilhan Omar and Michael Moore in front of 26k and MSNBC labels him a sexist while the rest of MSM you hear crickets yet they wonder why Bernie supporters are always upset. It's like they're doing everything they can to make sure Trump wins again.

  27. A two cent tax… That it's a catchy tax, very simple to understand and will be very interesting see how Congress would support it… A great question to ask any presidential candidate and Congressman/woman running for office this next term.

  28. What I think is interesting, she said no one is above the law not even the president of the United States. I for some reason, thought she was going to say "not even the United States." Rats. Once in San Diego and due to Mt Palomar, the city changed the street lights to types that did no inhibit the telescope seeing dark skies. The city had built is self up to the point lights were ruining their night vision. Unfortunately, those lights made the teeth of pedestrians look black. Guess what, the city change the lights again. Mt. Palomar is having problems again.

  29. trump wants to make money sending our troops to defend our enemies for money ? Wonder how much he is getting ??? Why dont you go protect. them yourself and take you children w you on the way ????

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