We Buy Everything Instagram Advertises in 10 Minutes!

(upbeat glamorous music) – [Naz] Ah! I’m so happy right now. – [Erin] Something for a cat? Who the hell does my Instagram think I am? – Oh, I’m so happy, my
Instagram knows me so well! – No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! – Ah! (beeping) – Welcome back to Clevver Style. (upbeat music) This is a really exciting one, because we’re about to shop until we drop. – For ten minutes, you guys, Erin and I are gonna scroll on Instagram, and buy every single Instagram
ad that we come across. We have no idea what it’s gonna
be, and I’m curious to see how many ads we actually get on Instagram. – And we all know Instagram
has been listening to our conversations. At least I hope so because I’ve been talking
about a lot of expensive things – (laughing) – that I can’t afford that I
hope we can buy on this show! – What have you talked about recently? So we can see if it pops up. – Weed wackers, like- – What’s a weed wacker? – Fake grass, you know, home owner stuff! Caulk for your bathrooms, you
know, all the exciting things. – (laughing) (beeping) – What about you, Naz, do
you have any predictions as to what you’re gonna get served? – I’m kinda scared for this
’cause all I talk about all day every day is
food, so I am expecting some Taco Bell, maybe new
items at Jack In The Box. – You gotta dream bigger than that. – (laughing) Okay, let’s get on Instagram
and start scrolling. – Let’s get on Instagram. – Okay, I got a Nike football ad! – Wait, really? – Yes, show- – Did you have that pulled up already? – No, it’s, uh, it was the second picture. – Do you just wanna go see soccer? – But what is it selling to me? Oh, I got a Chanel official ad! Yes! – L.O.L, L.O.L! You didn’t
think that was gonna happen! – Yo Clevver’s gonna be so mad
they chose me for this video. – Uh-uh! They literally,
they’re turning red. (beeping) Look at you, didn’t think
you’d get designers! – Yo, I’m so happy, my Instagram
knows me so well, you guys! – You’ve been curating it. – And this is from the
new collection, uh oh. – I have gotten no ads! – Biscoff Cookies! – What the hell? This sucks! – (laughing) I am such a consumer, I will say. I buy so much stuff. – You guys, I’ve literally gotten nothing. Not a single effing thing! – No weed wacker in your IG? Dior makeup? (laughing) – What the hell? – Yo, this is not good. – Am I doing this wrong?
Are my ads turned off? (beeping) – Oh, look at this one! Live palm reader. – Okay, enough, I get
it, you’re getting ads. – No, but what is a live palm
reader? Oh, that’s an app, I don’t wanna buy that. – Guys, how do- how do I get ads? I wonder if I don’t get ads. – You get ads, just keep
scrolling. We have ten minutes. Well, probably eight minutes now. – Oh, what is this? – Did you get one? – Damn it. It’s a brush cleanser. Actually, I haven’t cleaned
my brush in like three years, so I probably should use that. – I’ve never cleaned my brushes. – Okay, at least I got one. – La Mer! (laughing) – It was fifteen minutes,
right, that’s what we said? – What’s Choosy? – [Bridget] Ten. – No we said fifteen in the
first one, Bridget, I was there. – Erin, you can have some
of my stuff, I’ll share. (beeping) – I’m starting to get a little
dizzy, I’m not gonna lie. What is this? Something for a cat? – (laughing) – What the hell, I have a dog! – (laughing) What is it? – It’s a freaking automatic ball for cats. – Cheerbleofficial. – What the- who the hell
does my Instagram think I am? I’m so upset with everyone right now. – You guys, my Instagram is
like an actual shopping mall. – I feel like this is
karma. I think I’ve done something bad recently. All
the things that I really want I’m not getting served, and all the things that I’m getting served I would never buy! – The New Yorker. I’m so eclectic! – Okay, another ball that rolls. – (laughing) – At least this is for the dog this time. – I love that you’re
just getting pet toys. – What the hell, you got Chanel? Are you really gonna order Chanel for Naz? – I hope so, because that’s kind of what we signed up for, right guys? (beeping) – I did preface you guys that I do like designer stuff,
so I didn’t realize – What if I- – that designer stuff had a
lot of ads, I don’t really pay attention to ads on
Instagram. I kind of pass them. – Business cards? – (laughing) – The hell? – Well, I think it- – Real estate prints?
I’m not in real estate! Ninety-one percent off. Great. – Damn, that married Instagram is not fun. (beeping) – Ugh, a marble wireless
charging pad. Great. – Zaful? How do you say that? – I’m focused! I don’t have
time for your chit-chat! – Erin, help me! – You have Chanel! DogsLanding, great. I actually did wanna try that, so it was just like- – What’s DogsLanding? – It’s- shh! We’ll talk about it later. I have a lot going on right now. I’m trying to rack up
some goodies here, Naz! It’s like basically the
Supermarket Sweep of Instagram. (upbeat exciting music) – [Narrator] Let’s see what
her shopping strategy is! (beeping) – I think I follow too many actual people. – Yeah. – I think that’s my problem. – [Bridget] Thirty seconds. – No no no, Bridget. – Oh my god, thirty seconds left! Erin! – I need at least one more.
No, no, no, no, no, no. I need one more, I need one more. – [Bridget] Go faster! – What’s ID? What’s ID? – I can’t, I can’t even see! I can’t- – [Bridget] Five! – Ah! – No! No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! I demand a re-do. I demand a re-do. – I don’t demand a re-do. (beeping) All right guys, so now we
order the stuff, we’ll wait, and Erin and I will be back to show you all our amazing things
that come in. Right Erin? – I’m still scrolling just in case I can get one last mini thing. – Erin, it’s over. – No, there’s one right there- – No, no. – Right there, right there, right there. – No, we’re done! That’s not a real thing. – Right there, right there, right there! – [French Accented Narration]
One eternity later. (upbeat mischievous music) – Okay, so some time has
passed, we’re very excited, it’s like Christmas
morning, or at least it is probably for Naz, ’cause
I only had a few items in my shopping spree- – It’s Christmas! – I’m still upset about it.
But honestly I don’t even remember what we got,
we got so much stuff. – Same, I don’t. Should we like bust out our baskets and see what came in? – Let’s bust out our baskets! There’s so much stuff back here! – All I have to say is
there is a Chanel box just staring back at me, and I am the happiest person in the world, but- – I want you to see, this is my box. Naz, show ’em your box! Show
’em- show ’em your lady box. Guess who got the better end of the stick! – (laughing) Well maybe
you got a lump of coal because you were naughty this year, Erin. – Honestly, true story. – Okay, should we start? What is this? Let’s start with this. – Okay, let’s start with this. – Oh, this is so soft. – Okay, so this was this
very special dog bed that’s gonna keep my
dog from having anxiety. – [Naz] Oh, wow! – Honestly, I feel like it’s gonna keep me from having anxiety. – I feel so calm, it’s almost like a CBD pill but like in a dog bed. – Ooh, this was the- ahem!
The DogsLanding Calming Bed, although this says “claming bed”, I’m pretty sure that’s a typo. (beeping) It’s so soft! – [Naz] Yeah. – [Erin] Quality fabric. – I would sleep on this. – I will say, I have a golden retriever, he’s seven months old,
and I feel like this is gonna last about seven and
a half minutes in my house. – You think, why? – Because it looks like a bird! Like a big dead bird, and he loves those. – (laughing) Can I have
it then? Dog’s not gonna- – You have enough stuff, okay! – Ah! I’m so happy right now. – I just need you to
bring it down ten percent. Just the happiness down just a notch. – Okay, should I not
open it in front of you- – No, it’s fine- – Or is that mean? – I’m fine! (beeping) – So Bridget allowed me to order the cheapest thing off Chanel. – The cheapest thing. – Which is a nail polish, but
like, look how pretty this is. – That’s so pretty, that’s so you also, you’re, like, a nude babe. – But I feel like I’m
never gonna use this, ever. – I mean, I feel like we
should see it on your nail, but you look like you
just got your nails done. – Oh my god! – Oh, you did put it on your nail! – Yeah, why not? It’s Chanel.
Oh my god, I love it, Erin. – It’s really pretty. – Do you like- – It goes on really smoothly. – Do you want some? – Mm, nope. – So I own nothing of Chanel at my house. – Really? – Yeah! – You seem like you would. – Not one Chanel thing. I think, like, I’ve
always aspired to want to, but I’m way more of a
window shopper. But yeah. – Wow, your first Chanel purchase! – So thanks Clevver for
my first Chanel purchase! – They should- – I feel amazing. – Thank yourself, you’re
the one who found it. – Thanks, Naz! (beeping) – I am actually secretly
excited about this. – [Naz] What is this, I forgot. – So it’s a marble wireless charging pad. I will say it’s really
heavy, it feels expensive. – Feels like real marble, like a real tile that would be found in the bathroom of- – Look! – like, someone’s home in Italy. – [Erin] It’s charging! – [Naz] (gasping) Forty-seven percent! – Yes, babe! – Yay! – Oh my gosh! – Whoop, whoop! – I gotta say, this is a very
chic way to charge your phone. – It is, you can put it in your kitchen, and like, no one would look at it and be like, “Eugh, that’s
a phone charger,” you know- – Mhm. Right! – It’s really pretty! – I love it! Okay. – All right! Cool, well,
I feel like I had a win. – Yes, I think that is a great accessory to have in your house, I would
a hundred percent buy that. – I agree. – I wonder what’s in this! – Oh, I wonder too, it’s probably something designer and very expensive. – So this is from the Zaful ad that I got, which is a fashion website. I’m
nervous, are you ready Erin? – Yes. – Okay. – Oh my god. – Do I look like Bella Hadid? – These are so cute! – Are you lying? – No! – Are you lying? – No, I’m not, no no, this
is very, like, Jetsons. This is something Kim
Kardashian would wear, which is so on brand for you. – Yes, okay. So as you
guys can see the price on the screen, these
are under ten dollars! – I cannot believe that, actually. They look designer, they
look really expensive! – Yeah, they look good. You too can look like Bella Hadid for less than ten bucks. – Or you too can look like Naz- – Aw! – For less than ten bucks. – That’s really nice, Erin! – Forget Bella Hadid! (beeping) – Moving on to this box,
which is making me sadder than I already was. Oh!
I know what these are. – What is it, what is it? – Okay, so, remember we ordered- – Wait, is this just a bunch
of post cards of your face? – I’m so confused because, okay, okay this so so weird. I
didn’t just order square- – Erin, you couldn’t pick another photo? Wait, I’m so confused! – I- Okay, let me explain,
this doesn’t- this isn’t what it looks like, everyone, okay. – I just want everyone to
see everything that you got. – Okay, I sent in a
variety of photo options, for the record, okay, guys! We get it! We get it, there’s a lot of photos of me. (beeping) – Okay, so, a few of the
things that I also got ads for are actual apps on my phone
that I have downloaded. One of them I am very excited to try with Erin, it is a palm reading app. – Ooh! – Okay, step one: take
a photo of your palm. Step two: choose palm reader
and enter billing info. – Oh, we gotta pay these bitches? – Jill? (beeping) – Choose a palm reader. Highest rank. – Yeah. – We gotta get the real deal. – I don’t know, we’ve been on the cheap train here. Jill, is that all right? – [Both] Twenty-nine ninety-nine, baby. – Per minute? Per minute? – This is like the nineties! – This is, like, calling Hong Kong! (beeping) – I’m so nervous right now.
Oh my gosh, someone’s calling! – Hello? – [Doctor Dave] Hey, this is Doctor Dave. – Hi Doctor Dave! I was
looking to have my palm read. – [Doctor Dave] I don’t
read palms. I read auras. – Do I have a good aura? – [Doctor Dave] There’s no such thing as a bad aura. What would you like to know? – Uh, what can I ask
you about? My love life? – I need a name, ages, and
location for both of you. – Okay, my name is Jacqueline Naz Perez, I am twenty-nine years old,
I hope you don’t murder me, and I live in Los Angeles, California. – [Doctor Dave] (laughing) I
like that, don’t murder me! (ominous music) (upbeat cheerful music) One other thing that our conference did, there is somebody here
that is interested in you, he’s not going to really
say much because he’s not one to use words, he’s more
likely to use his actions. He’s been working at you for a while. – Well why isn’t he saying anything? I’m ready! Let’s do this! – [Doctor Dave] Well,
the thing is though, that he doesn’t lend using words, but you’re gonna know him almost immediately- – [Erin] (whispers) – [Doctor Dave] ‘Cause
he’s gonna have that look in his eyes that says,
“Hey, I know you, don’t I?” – Wait, so I haven’t met him yet? – I don’t think so, I’m pretty
sure he’s seen you though. – Well, that’s creepy. (falling objects rustle) – [Doctor Dave] Yeah, he’s
not gonna murder you, though. – He’s not gonna murder me, okay. Well, thank you so much. It
was a pleasure meeting you. – [Doctor Dave] Okay. Good luck. Bye. – Bye. – Let me translate, because
I’ve seen a lot of psychics. – You have? – I mean, I recently had my
aura read on this channel. If you haven’t seen that video, you should click somewhere
here on the screen. But he’s just saying that
there’s a guy out there that you haven’t met yet,
who is interested in you, he’s nervous, he doesn’t
like wanna talk to you yet, but like he really is watching you. – But, like, say hi. – Every guy that you meet
that you’re attracted to, you should go up to them
and be like, “Hi, I’m Naz!” – Don’t buy the palm reader,
is the lesson of today. Thank God I didn’t pay for
it. Bring out something else out of your box, I’m over
this. I have anxiety now. (beeping) – So, this is a dog toy. There
was a cat toy in the mix, but it didn’t get here ’cause it was some sort of incubator.
What do you call that? – Indiegogo. – That’s what it is. – Where you need people to donate in order for it to even become a product. – But I did see this advertised, um, since our episode, it rolls itself. – Does this not look like a toy we had like in the nineties to you? Like is it- – It really does. – Is this, like, an old
Bop It or something? (toy whirs) – (gasps) He’s gonna love this. (toy whirs) – Oh my god, this looks so fun! – Oh my god, thank god! I’ve
needed this for so long! – This is cool! – Oh, that’s like a nice massage. – Erin, are you gonna
be able to work at home while your dog’s playing with this toy? (whirring, clattering) (rustling) – What else do we have? – Okay. The New Yorker! Which is one of my favorite magazines. You
can get a whole year of The New Yorker magazine for six bucks. Magazines are my big way of reading, I don’t really read novels,
I like reading magazines. But what’s amazing about The New Yorker is that there’s a lot of essays in there. So it’s not just like news
articles, there’s a lot of cool essays, and they’ll go into like, really deep dope topics. And you know what goes great
with reading magazines? – Mm, cocktails? – Especially when you’re on
a plane? Biscoff Cookies! – Wait, you were- this, she
ordered these? From an ad? The ones they give you
for free on Delta flights? – (laughs) Yes. (beeping) – Let’s taste them to see if they’re as good as the airplane version. – Erin, you can have this. – Oh my gosh! – Jill, you can have this. – You’re like Oprah! – Ah! – [Erin] I love that these are also like literally the exact cookies from Delta. – I love that the packaging
is like, so small and like travel size, you know
you could just throw it in your purse if you’re hungry later, I love that it comes with like two of them, and the cinnamon! Mm! – It’s one of those
flavors that you’re like, outside of an airplane
I would never eat this. Actually in a new environment,
I think I like it even more. – You don’t just have
to eat fortune cookies when you order Chinese, and you don’t just have to eat Biscoff
when you’re on a plane. (beeping) – So next up is something
that I desperately need. It is a brush, makeup brush cleaner. I have a lot of dirty brushes. – The world needs this. – It seems very basic,
but it does have all these cool attachments, that
kinda look like a vibrator, and they have these little attachments. You stick your brush in
to this little holder, and then there’s a battery in here. (device buzzes) – Whoa, look at the top! – Oh. So it basically
is a vibrator, actually. (laughing) So I’m gonna put a little dab
of cleaner, this is gross. (liquid splashes) Oh! – Whoa! – [Erin] Oh that’s cool, oh that’s cool! You kinda have to work it. – Wait, this is dope! – This is really cool. – Look, all the makeup’s coming off and going into the water. – [Erin] It feels really nice.
I will say it’s cheaply made, but the concept is really cool. – [Naz] And I think it’s working, so- – [Erin] I do too. – [Naz] Who cares, if it works. – [Erin] It’s true, it’s
true. I don’t know if it’ll last you maybe one cleaning. I think this is really cool, actually. I’m gonna take this home with me, because my brushes haven’t been cleaned since the fallout of
Clevver, the first time. – Oh, wow. – Yeah, I’ve been saving it
for a really special moment. (beeping) – Guys, I have two more
items. La Mer is hands down, I think I’ve said this
before, one of the most expensive beauty lines in the market. – Is it not La Mer? – It probably is. All I
know is that when I walk in a Sephora, the samples are never there ’cause everyone’s always
tryin’ to steal it, ’cause it’s so expensive.
So this is a face mask, and then I also got something from Dior. – I wonder what it could be! – I- I like don’t even wanna
open it, it’s so pretty y’know. – It is really pretty. – So, Dior lacquer stick.
So again, Bridget let me pick the cheapest thing
off, which was a lipstick, but hello, I am living for
this color. Fire engine red! That’s not the name of it, but- – I think that’s Taylor Swift red. – What color is this?
This is Party Red 744 Dior lacquer stick. Let’s see
if this feels expensive. – [Erin] It’s going to. – Oh yeah. – [Erin] Is it like butter? – Mhm. So creamy. – [Erin] It’s not super pigmented. – Mm-mm. – I dunno if I love it. – I feel like I look
like Pennywise from IT. (beeping) – Well, this was, I mean, the greatest day of my life at Clevver, hands down. – Yeah, I wasn’t expecting
to like what I got, but I liked pretty much every
single thing that I got, including Nez’s Biscoff cookies. – [Mm. This was actually
fun. I feel like we- you got a lot of good useful things, you know? – Useful, very useful. – Yeah. – I would really like
to do this video again, a redemption episode, still
trying to vouch for that. So let us know in the
comments if you’d like to see another one of these videos. – Also let us know which
product you think was like the coolest, and which one
you’re like most willing to try. – And also subscribe,
hit the bell you guys. You know the drill,
you’ve done this before. – Subscribe, por favor! – And we’re outta here! Thanks
for hanging out with us! – Adios! – Bye! (whooshing) (upbeat jazzy music)

100 thoughts on “We Buy Everything Instagram Advertises in 10 Minutes!

  1. Erin didn’t scroll past loads of ads she passed by people’s posts saying what the product is, the price and where it’s from but I think she should’ve done them

  2. In 10 minutes I would have redecorated my house and spoiled my dogs! I got ads from Ashley Furniture, Kirkland, Dormify and Target. My dogs would have received dog food, a new smart collar, DNA testing and ID tags. Plus I would smell delicious with Bath & Body lotions while watching the new Maleficent movie wearing party socks. Can I participate in this challenge too?

  3. So after watching this video I started a timer for 10 minutes and scrolled through Instagram and screenshotted all ads I passed. 7 about food 💀, 17 about clothes/shoes, 2 perfume, 3 purses, 1 IPhone 11 when you switch to at&t, 1 Netflix, 1 Spotify premium membership, and more lmao. I never realized how many ads I come across

  4. Nobody:
    Me: sees all the ads my Instagram shows me so that I know what I could get if I was in their place 😂😂😂😂😂

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  6. erin : THERE ARE NO ADS
    instagram:IM GIVING YOU ADS
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  7. I just did the challenge by myself and I time myself for 10 mins and got 27 things and I won bush garden tickets and trip to the caman islands and a Jeep 😂 I win

  8. Erin, ERIN, Erin!!! Biscoff is a huge brand of biscuit, that is available for purchase everywhere. It is NOT a Delta product!!! In fact, in Europe it is often served with coffee.

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