Weirdest Things That Somehow Exist!

– [Narrator] Our world
has marvelous wonders, such as the Taj Mahal, and
the Great Wall of China, and interesting things,
like chasing rolling cheese in Brockworth, and hot
dog eating contests. But then, there’s the
peculiar and bizarre. Here are the top 20 weird yet awesome things you
didn’t know existed. (pulsing music) – Amazing! – [Narrator] Number 20, Hextie. Batman has his signature utility belt that he carries along to fight crime with. But imagine if you, an ordinary person, wore a tie with that
same utility belt design. This is actually the Hextie,
invented by Alejandro Peral. Combining old-fashioned
elegance with modern-day flair, the Hextie captures the architecture and culture of New York City,
with its flexible fabric. Hey, Bruce Wayne would approve. Number 19, McDonald’s winter gloves. Created by an advertising
agency based in Dallas, Texas, called Moroch in the spring of 2015, the idea behind these winter
gloves was to have a person think they were warm when
braving ice-cold temperatures. However, chances are that these gloves don’t keep your fingers as warm as fries. At least you can buy these
special gloves for a prices of $20 on eBay, if you
are a McDonald’s fanatic. Number 18, magic wand
salt and pepper shakers. Sometimes even the cheapest
restaurant French fries are more appetizing than a chunk of meatloaf. A company called Fred & Friends decided to add a little fantasy to
spruce up that meatloaf. Made out of ABS plastic materials
and designed by Mondy Lee, salt and pepper shakers
shaped like magic wands are being sold by Fred
& Friends for just $10. Here’s a harsh truth, no
magic is included, sorry. Number 17, walking sleeping bag. The walking sleeping bag
created by Embark can be used as both a heavy winter
coat, and as a sleeping bag for someone who is camping
outdoors for the night. This invention features
a foot vent at the bottom of the bag, and a hoodie attached at the top for extra warmth. You can buy this walking
sleeping bag for $36 at your local Target store,
because you never know when you’re gonna need a nap
in less than three seconds. Number 16, giant cuddle-up burrito pillow. Lauren Vanelle, a San Francisco artist, created the burrito body
pillow out of fleece and wool, which contain signature
burrito ingredients, including beans, rice, cheese, meat, salsa, sour cream, and guacamole. The store that used to sell
this big burrito is now closed, but it priced the pillow
at a whopping $450, so if you wanna sleep in style, be willing to save up
the beans for this thing. Number 15, empty
bottle-operated arcade machine. Ad agency Grey Dhaka and
global soda giant Coca-Cola created a recycle bin out of
an arcade machine in 2014, and called it the Happiness Arcade. This machine accepts empty
plastic bottles, and experiments with this machine were
generally successful. This machine went to six
locations in six days, including Dhaka, Bangladesh, a population of 15 million people. Now people can play arcade games and be happy to donate trash. Number 14, arcade games for charity. Staying in the arcade
arena, this clever idea could change the way
you view arcade gaming. In spring 2015, a partnership
between the Red Cross, and Swedavia, a network
of 10 Swedish airports, implemented charity arcade machines, where every coin inserted into a machine will be donated to the Red Cross. Whether it be an American cent, British pound, or Japanese Yen, these machines will accept
any currency donation. Number 13, completely black chicken. Don’t adjust your computer
monitors, this rare breed of chicken from Indonesia
is called the Ayam Cemani, and they are indeed all
black, including the beak, comb, feet, and its meat, if
you wanna have it for dinner. This chicken is all black. The cost of an Ayam Cemani chicken is anywhere from $2,000 to $2,500. Now I dare Colonel Sanders
to make a meal out of this. Number 12, deluxe corn stripper. RSVP International has a
deluxe corn stripper out on the market, where you can
remove kernels from the cob. You place the cob inside a cylinder, and on a stainless steel
blade, and then you push down on the cob with a steel
cylinder to remove the kernels. With this tool, you won’t need to worry about any nasty corn
juice splatters again. RSVP International sells this tool at $22. Number 11, ice cream lock. Tired of someone stealing
your favorite pint of ice cream in the middle of the night? Ben & Jerry’s introduced
the Euphori-Lock in 2012, which is slotted onto the top
of an ice cream container, and a three-digit code locks it in place. Inspiration came from one
customer who suggested padlocks on stainless steel ice cream containers. The Euphori-Lock goes for $6.64 at the Ben & Jerry’s online store. Number 10, banana holder for your bicycle. A company named Biken actually
created this banana holder, which is 4.5 inches wide, and seven inches long, and
weighs only 2.4 ounces. Made out of genuine oil-tanned leather, this holder becomes useful
once you make a pit stop during your biking journey,
as you can simply get out the banana and eat it. This holder does cost $55 though, which could make someone
like Donkey Kong throw a fit. Number nine, Colgate’s
dental hygiene exhibit. Colgate introduced to this
exhibit, a room that looks like the inside of a human mouth, in 2009, at the Museo de los Ninos,
a children’s museum. Number eight, pepper spray defense app. Concerned about protection
and peace of mind? Then behold this useful innovation. A self-defense tool, a
mobile medical alert device, and a 24/7 monitoring device, all in one. The Defender app allows
you to take a picture of the person you spray,
while initiating an alarm. The picture and the GPS
location are then sent to the Defender’s 24/7 monitoring service. A secret agent would
love using this gadget. Number seven, sinking Titanic cat condo. Cat lovers can give their
feline friends an enjoyable experience with this
sinking Titanic cat condo. Measuring at nearly six inches
long, and four inches tall, this special three-level
condo contains six portholes, one deck-hole, and a big gash underneath, left by the iceberg the Titanic hit. The Hollywood Kitty Company
is selling this condo for an expensive $2,000,
which is not exactly cheap. Number six, science-fiction
themed electric violin. Science fiction fans will
be shocked to discover that a musical instrument which looks like a sci-fi weapon actually exists. Monad Studio created
the Piezoelectric Violin with the purpose of enhancing interaction with the human body. Complementing a musician’s posture, and performance habits, this
violin has been performed in places like Tokyo,
Moscow, and New York. As long as NASA doesn’t get a hold of this thing, we’ll be just fine. Number five, unorthodox sweeps. Todd Lawson’s Pet Sweep
is an animal-powered debris removal system, which will keep your home clean and your pets busy. This empty box is being
sold by Prank Pack for $5. Then, there’s the baby mop. The baby mop started
out as a harmless joke, a Japanese spoof advertisement. For $40, a baby can be a human
mop, by crawling on the floor in a suit that has mop
brushes attached to it. How adorable. Number four, lane highway. So you think the United States wastes its economic resources? Well, check out this totally
bizarre tourist attraction. The government of Burma
spent an insane $4 billion on a project that connected
the Parliament complex to Naypyitaw, a ghost city. The most glaring part of
this project would be a long highway, which stretches 10
roads wide in each direction. However, heavy traffic on this
20-lane highway never occurs. Number three, ostrich pillow. Looking for a creative way to sleep? Designed by Banana Studio,
the original ostrich pillow is a pillow that your wear over your head, like a ski mask, which will
cover your entire head, except for your mouth and nose, and you can insert your hands
in both sides of the pillow. You will then look like an ostrich, burying its head in the sand. Not visually appealing, but effective. Number two, ping pong door. Tobias Fraenzel came up with the idea of a multi-purpose door
that could be a door by day, but a ping pong table by night. This ping pong door, having
a handle and lock system like any other door, is
easy to flip down to play, and flip back up after playing. This special door is insanely expensive, as it’s sold for $1,350. Imagine having this in your apartment. Number one, rolling offices. If you ever wanted to just
move your office space one mile or so away, then your dream has come true. In 2013, award-winning
carpet designer Jan Kath requested rolling offices
that functioned just like any normal workspace, and
one company happily obliged. Neulant van Exel created
these rolling offices, which included air conditioning, floor heating, and Wi-Fi compatibility. Hey, who can say no to extra office space? What this ranking list shows us is that there are truly
remarkable things being created by ambitious people all the time. And while you have to
admire the thought that goes into these weird, yet awesome, creations, you do have to ask how
these people become inspired to create such bizarre things. Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comment
section down below. Also, if you enjoyed this
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