Welcoming dinner banquet for ASEAN leaders focuses on harmony and future

now let’s get more details on the grand
welcoming dinner banquet in Busan for the leaders of the ASEAN member states
our Kim dami has the highlights with its fusion of tradition and a cutting-edge
technologies the welcoming dinner banquet was more than a dinner rather a
symbol of unity and diversity a hologram of a large Bronzeville from Korea’s
Shilla dynasty known as the bell of a king’s home duck welcome each leader
with a toll as president moon and the first lady greeted guests the
four-course dinner including rice cake dessert made with rice produced in all
10 ASEAN countries respecting their diversity and their similar roots which
is assemble eyes by the country’s a staple food while the dishes assemble
eyes the prosperity and harmony of Southeast Asian Nations the cultural
performances highlighted peace and hope South Korea’s a leading display
technology beautifully mastered each country’s traditional audiences and 5g
technology and motion capture further mesmerized the leaders and a 300 other
guests with mixed reality technology where reality and virtual reality
coexist local magician younger also spoke about the power of hope saying the
hope can spread to everyone in the blink of an eye a dawn Orchestra consisting of
South Koreans and musicians from ASEAN countries a further left at the
atmosphere of peace between the 10 ASEAN nations with their diverse voices and
instruments leaders at dinner banquets are often private affairs the South
Korea’s presidential office a publicized a dinner this time noting the president
moon and the asean-korea commemorative summit are for the people Kim dami
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