Wellness and Health Promotion Overview

Hi my name is Ryan Hamachek and I
work here at Seattle University as the Director of Wellness and Health
Promotion. Our office really is working to make sure that students have an
opportunity to stay healthy and well while they’re here on campus. We focus on four areas of wellness here in the office, physical wellness, mental health,
alcohol and other drugs, and healthy relationships and so we offer a number
of services both kind of individual and as needed and then we also offer a
number of programs and events that are taken out into the community around all
of those areas. I want students to know that we’re more than just De-Stress
with Dogs, it’s a great event that we have here on campus but it’s just one
part of what we do and I encourage students to come in and learn a little
bit more about what we have to offer. What I want students to know is that we
also offer a peer health education program many students know of it, it’s
called HAWC which is a group of undergraduate peer health educators who
give their time to become trained in responding to student needs here on
campus so any student can come in and schedule an appointment around anything that they want to talk about related to their wellness goals.

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