What Does A Digital Marketing Agency Do?

just like you’re an expert at doing what
you do a digital marketing agency should be an expert at what they do
well a digital marketing agency does many many different things so for
example looking after the Facebook their SEO the website Google Ads and trying to
improve it and that in turn brings business to them I’m Jesse Lincoln and
I’m the lead sales representative at Matter solutions so a digital marketing
agency works alongside your business to drive traffic and generate leads through
your website Madeley allowing you to free up more
time so you can focus on the day-to-day operations and running of your business
so you let your agency we do what they do best and do you get to focus on just
making money and dealing with your own customers a lot of time that just means
that you’re going to have an expert looking after a very particular part of
your business just like you’re an expert at doing what you do a digital marketing
agency should be an expert on what they do so a digital marketing agency looks
at your goals as a business and then implements a strategy based on what you
want to achieve it’s important because every business has a different strategy
a different set of goals so everyone is individual each business is individual
which is why you’ll probably never find us implementing the same plan across the
board every business we work for work with we have a different strategy for
them my name is Chris and I do content marketing and link building here at meta
solutions I build a lot of blogs for clients I’ll also design their service
pages pages they want to rank optimize them by getting in getting the keywords
right doing the research behind the search volumes or from what people
actually looking for what their customers want what is valuable to their
customers and that in turn brings business to them there’s a lot of
different things I do however I would probably say some of the things I do is
I look after a lot of facebook so look at Facebook campaigns looking at how
those Facebook campaigns are going so it’s seeing if they’re getting results
are they costing a lot per can Payne see which um ones are doing well
which ones aren’t seeing where improvements may be needed and making
changes for that I also look at a lot of SEO especially on-page optimization so
seeing over being a website and seeing okay this website’s got this so far what
can we do to improve it running it through heaps of tests looking at
results and saying okay this isn’t not doing as well we need to improve it
because of this

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