What I Learned This Week in HVAC Marketing #2 – Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Hi, this is Don with Comfort Media Group
and, this is what learned this week HVAC contractors are always trying
to figure out the Facebook game And, since 75% of your customers and 75%
of your prospects are on Facebook, at least once a day it makes a lot of sense to know how to get
the most out of this powerful marketing channel Using Facebook’s custom audiences
and lookalike audiences you can create ads that target
people in your service area who look like your actual customers Think about it Facebook knows a lot about us They know who’s connected to who,
they kind of know where you live they might know where you work,
they might know your level of education and, they might even know your income bracket So, when you share your e-mail list with Facebook
to create a custom audience you can then tell Facebook to show your ads
to people who look just like them This is a great way to get your offer
and your company in front of people who
don’t know about you yet And, they’re more likely to convert because
they are so similar to your happy customers This is Don Lafferty with Comfort Media Group and, that’s what learned this week

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