What Made Hitler an Anti-Semite?

What made Hitler an anti-Semite? He saw
that by this attitude towards the Jews, he can unite the people. He can connect them. Any Austrian or German could understand him. And also in those countries that were
hostile in the meantime, that he didn’t conquer yet, in the East and in the West of
Europe, he understood them too. And they agreed with him, the French, the English,
the Polish of course. And therefore he used Polish of course. And therefore he used
it in order to rise above the people. In order to unite the people. In order to get all the Jews’
riches. And they were rich back then in Germany. And he tried to publicize his actions
against the Jews as much as he could, since with each and every action, he
saw that the nation is with him. That the nation agrees and
encourages him to do it, and therefore eventually, he became a true anti-Semite. Even though that to begin with, he wasn’t. And when he started rising to power in
Germany, there were many Jews that were with him, that supported him. And also the fathers of Zionism from
back then; they supported him. And there’s much more to tell about it. But actually,
regarding the question of whether Hitler was an anti-Semite, he wasn’t the
biological one who felt it from birth. Like there are many others that do. But
he did it because he saw, that it was supported by all nations.

4 thoughts on “What Made Hitler an Anti-Semite?

  1. What made Hitler an anti-Semite? Was he born like that or did he intend to use anti-Semitism for gaining political support? Hitler saw that the people agreed with and encouraged his anti-Semitic actions. Is it a cause or a consequence? Listen to this perspective by Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

  2. It's never about how Jews act like shit and alienate people. Always excuses, denial, and eternal victimhood. Stupid asses.

  3. The definition of the word Semitic is derived from the cultures of Aramaic Hebrew Arabic. Which derived from the main cultures of afro-asiatic people. You're not even talking about the real people

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