Who Is the Winner of The Voice Season 17? – The Voice Live Finale, Part 2 2019

♪♪ ♪♪ -The winner of “The Voice” is… ♪♪ ♪♪ …Jake Hoot! [ Cheers and applause ] Here you go, big guy. How about a hand
for Ricky Duran? Congratulations to him as well. We wish him nothing
but the best, but tonight it is
about Jake Hoot. A one-chair turn
from Team Kelly Clarkson who goes all the way
to the finale and wins, as his family comes on stage. We are so happy
for Jake tonight. Kelly Clarkson
as a coach on “The Voice” — her third victory. What an incredible season, and a big congratulations
to all of our artists. Certainly all of our coaches and
all of you for sticking with us and watching all season long. We appreciate you. In Los Angeles,
I am Carson Daly. Thank you.
Happy holidays, everybody. Good night.

100 thoughts on “Who Is the Winner of The Voice Season 17? – The Voice Live Finale, Part 2 2019

  1. Representation matters! We have never had an African American female winner of The Voice in its 17 season history. Not even in the Top 2! There have been so many deserving African American female contestants including Frenchie Davis, Sasha Allen, Judith Hill, Kimberly Nichole, Koryn Hawthorne, Toia Jones, Sisaundra Lewis (who was Celine Dion's Vocal Coach!), We' McDonald, Ali Caldwell, Brooke Simpson, Janice Freeman (R.I.P.), Kyla Jade, Kennedy Holmes, Kymberli Joye, and Rose Short, to name a few (these 15 ladies should have at least made the Top 2 of their seasons, IMO). Again, none of these African American ladies made the Top 2 of their seasons despite their magnificent singing, versatility, and stage presence. It is sad that African American female singers are not appreciated on this show. Why aren't these kinds of amazingly talented singers ever your preference or favorite to win?! Things that make you go hmmm. Representation matters and we deserve to have an African American female winner of The Voice!

  2. Who would have thought that a one chair turn/ bottom two contestant during the show could win a contest like this?… All I can think of is that Kelly has a strong support.
    Anyways I'm sure Katie will do awesome ahead. Just look at Jennifer H. – someone who was 7th on another show.

  3. I love Jake, he is such a great guy!! but c'mon this result is just … unfair!! Rose was the winner of this season and that's a fact.

  4. Um im not mad that he won i jus wished they realized how different katie was and how much we needed that representation and the magic her voice sends down your spine🤦🏽‍♂️

  5. This show is starting to suck, too many good singers overlooked just to have ok singers. His voice is ok, not enough that I would by his album

  6. There was a reason why he was a one chair turn… his voice is mediocre and he is just so boring. Couldnt make it through any of his performances… literally would end up fast forwarding half way through. So upset that he won. People just wanted Kelly to win. This show has been sucking lately. Ugh

  7. No doubt Jake is a great country voice, Katie and Rose are equaly great voices, to be explored by record labels. The Voice USA has yet one major problem to figure out and solve: the voting system.

    Perhaps, comparing apple with pears should be abbandoned it's not rendering a fair outcome. The Golden Globes and Oscars have "categories" (drama, comedy, animation, etc).

    Why not compelling coaches to select their team contestants based on certain mandatory genres of music (pop, country, soul, Indy, rap, etc) and award voice winners on each and every category. Every contestant participating in the voice should know before hand what kind of genre is he/she aiming for.

  8. Do you know why Hoot was not considered generic, basic and the same as always, as indeed he is in my opinion? Because he was Team Kelly. If Hoot were Team Blake, surely he would be hated, called Red Marlow 2.0, Andrew Sevener 2.0. Kelly's country singers are treated as differentiated. Chevel is the same Emilly Ann, Danielle Bradbery, all generic but Chevel was classified as "different". Rod Stokes while on Team Blake was more of the same. Turned to Team Adam and Kelly, have already changed their minds. There is a resistance from Team Blake country singers throughout his history on the show. Even the great Lauren Duski, Kirk Jay and Keisha Renee have suffered from comments diminishing their qualities. In season 10, Adam Wakefield was butchered. "He's more of the same, boring, bland." One of the best country singers who went through The Voice. Raspy voice, mixed country with blues, jazz, rock. Received standing ovation in blinds, battles, KOs, lives. Pharrell was crazy about his sound. But Wakefield had a problem that was seen as generic: he was Team Blake. Brennley Brown was butchered in her blind audition. When she was stolen by Gwen in battle, they have already changed their minds in KOs: "I think I was wrong with her." Spensha is the same Hoot: all linear journey, without any outstanding, memorable performance. Spensha was generic and Hoot different. Kelly's country singers get a far less judicious rating than Blake's, and both are the same 99% of the time. Wait for the next season. All country that goes to Blake: generic, basic. Whatever goes to Kelly, John or Nick: are different. I doubt if Hoot were Team Blake and sang exactly every song he sang this season he would be so dear to the public. The problem is not the country singer but which team he belongs to.

  9. I am tired of this show, it is always the same thing. People vote for country or for the judges ( Kelly, Blake) and some types of people can not even win this show. I am glad Adam left this show.

  10. Wow, some people actually mad that he won, or simply that Katie didn't win. I was satisfied with the result. His knockout performance is one of my favorites of the season, as well as his duo with Kelly. He's a great, pure singer. Lovely.

  11. Jake Hoot, my country man

    Blake's great mistake on this season for not pressing his button, thinking that he's being blocked.

    Congrats Jake & Kelly.

  12. I'm sorry, but the two women were WAY BETTER than either of the men. Katie…awesome! Rose…spectacular as well! Ricky and Hoot should have been 3rd and 4th.

  13. They're all walked on our expectations. Rose and Katie are the only ones deserving of being at that final decision. America forgets what it could make him proud.

  14. It does seem this show is a bit bias but I watched this full season and they are all nice, genuine folks. I'm happy for Jake! Rose, Katy and Ricky will still do very well!

  15. The two best singers were booted, first during the finale, what a joke! Jake had okay performances during the show, however he was never really among the top performers. The Voice ended once again without selecting the best contestant!

  16. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my father, yessssssss💙💙💙❣❣❣❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❣💙💙❣❣❣❤❣💙💙💙❣❤

  17. At least the top four I believed should be in it, were in it. I totally agree with who was in the top four. In my opinion (when you think of a voice suited for listening on the radio), the winner should be Ricky. Too much power and runs can ruin the actual tune when listening on the radio and I think Ricky respects the tune well. I think John was right, Ricky's probably had the most streamed of the "original" song because I can listen to that in my car any day.

  18. I noticed that there were so many country singer winners on the Voice, very little diversity when it came to the winners. I cannot tell you who the last 3 or 4 winners were because I stopped watching. I watched as much as I did this year because of Rose and Katie. Well I will be YTing specific singers again I am thru with the NBC broadcasted version.

  19. I'm not mad that Jake won but I am pissed that it turned into basically a popularity contest instead of the judges picking the best voices

  20. The Voice…Where talented people go to end their fledgling careers. Not one of the voice winners have ever become stars and most barely earn a living afterwards. The whole process they use to choose people is so flawed that it can't possibly pick the most talented singers. Most of the top people on the voice disappear into obscurity right after the season ends. Also when they do a duo with their coaches or each other or their favorite stars, it's some of the most nail on chalkboard mess of productions ever. A few do an album after the season but you generally won't hear from them again. They even have to have a judge that won American Idol as no one remembers The Voice winners. And if you are female and thinking about going on the voice, be sure you are attractive too. Because the Voice voters never choose unattractive women as their winners, even if they sing better than the others. Most of the American public who appreciate really good singers quit watching it long ago.

  21. If someone talks about the voice. Rose is the best voice for this season.
    Gwen is a teacher.. because the way she talks with singers wow Congrats .
    Kelly gives joy, and she makes everyone happy. Congrats

  22. Only watched this show because of Katie. She has it all. Dont get people's obsession with country music. Perhaps a reflection of the country going more conservative. The voice UK is way more exciting than this.

  23. I must say that this was an excellent season, really exciting and with amazing artists with lots of talent like Katie and Rose. But unfortunately, the voting process was very bad, they must have at least placed on the Top 2. The wonderful job their coaches did has an enormous value that was impoverished with a decision that was clearly manipulated, Jake has a nice voice but its a really common voice that every country singer has, he was nothing new, nothing different. Katie and Rose were on another level, they were different in every way, in voice, stage presence, in conveying emotions that none of the other contestants achieved. I am sorry but I will never watch The Voice again, I am disappointed and pissed off. Thanks to the wonderful job that Gwen and John did, and of course those wonderful voices (Katie and Rose) that I hope will continue to delight us.

  24. thia ia fixed jelly is now A POPULAR WOMAN on TV so she will win all the time people are voting on their favor judge not the singer grrrrr kelly suckzzz

  25. To all of you who are upset with the show because Jake won. Remember, votes determine the winner. NBC didn't choose Jake; the coaches didn't choose Jake. The people chose Jake. He had a huge support base: country music fans. In case you aren't aware, which you should be by now, country music is ginormous. Until other genre loving people start voting, country musicians will take this show every season.

  26. Katie Kadan won this and we all know it, and the 2nd runner up was Rose! I am very disappointed that the true winner is not the one taking the title.

  27. I am unsubscribing and done watching the show , I don't plan to ever watch it again and have been a faithful viewer for several years . I saw more favoritism happening this season than ever before . I mentioned it in the first couple of weeks when I was waiting to see the new contestants and I saw (4) FOUR videos of Katie before any other artists were given any exposure ? what was that about ? And then the Montages started !!! You really pissed people off with the lack of respect to give them all the same amount of air time and then people are to vote for their favorites ?? So , you played a hand in making favorites by giving them more air time than others . I truly don't believe Jake got more votes than Katie , I have a strong feeling that you guys played with the votes and it feels really dirty . I know I am not alone , but some fans will kiss up to you guys because you are rich and famous. no sense is writing nasty remarks back to me you minions of the show , I wont be reading them , I am done with this show .

  28. Dude I'm not even a hug fan of country music, but if you don't see his talent, and well deserved win, idk what to say. He is a great singer.

  29. I am honestly disappointed at seeing Katie and Rose as 3rd and 4th place and at the fact that again they made me watch a whole season just to have a country winner anyways. But I must be honest that seeing Jake’s reaction and remembering how humbly and honest-hearted he is made me feel guilty for being mad at the final result. So I’ll just wish the best for all of them, as they are all talented and deserve a chance. After all, it’s not just about winning the show but how they have all earned a little space in our hearts 😊

  30. Don't worry Ricky Duran, you're great! T'was only a matter of votes…You're lots of ways better than them. Your overall musicality (guitar/piano skills & singing voice) would bring you to great prominence & popularity! You are great than them!

  31. This season has been the worst season ever….i am sitting on my couch…wondering why very good singers are been robbed…no disrespect to jake hoot…he is good and all..but based on the line up…he just didn't fit for me….i don't understand how Americans vote….funny

  32. The Voice USA does not make any kind of sense though the country singers are good singers but the robbery is real especially Kimberly Nicole, Janice Freeman (RIP), Makenzie Thomas, Katie Kadan, Rose Short and others in the past I can't think of. R&B singers get no love from American voters but favor country even though R&B, pop, and hip hop is the most popular genres in America. This is like the electoral college in the US elections. I wish the judges could pick the winners.

  33. Katie Kadan started big but stayed up there. At the lives, I was kinda over her, without disregarding she is one of the greatest voices in the competition ever. She just didn't go bigger in comparison to the beginning. Jake started chill and then went big. And Kelly knows what she is doing, so she set him up to go big in the lives + he was the only country singer there. I knew, from the moment they announced him in the top 13, he was gonna have the biggest advantage being the only country singer.

  34. I like this show, especially since Adam Levin is gone. Strange how Kelly Clarkson can win 3 for 3 and Adam did 10+ season with only 3 wins lol. I hate that the best singers don't always win. Jordan Smith has been the only pop great singer to win in awhile.

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