Here’s the thing, here’s the catch…The
FIRST day that I got into the office I was kind of like… “is is this it”. So a few
months ago I made the crazy decision to quit my corporate role as a digital
marketing manager and some people thought I was inspiring and others
thought I was just plain simple crazy in this video I’m going to speak to why and
how I quit my job as a digital marketing manager just checked into the shangri-la
hotel it’s currently 3 to 4 p.m. the view is insane here if you’re wondering why I even checked
into the shangri-la hotel in the first place it’s because I typically work from
home you know being self-employed now and it gets kind of boring so I like to
spice up my office and my space so to just decide to do with staycation and
work here at the same time the view is absolutely amazing I’m not sure you can
see that this is my work desk right here I’ve got the full set up and shebang
here let me show you actually so I’ve just got my obviously in my MacBook and
I’ve got my hard drive water mouse camera earbuds and whatnot but the main
attraction is this awesome view here and that’s it you know guys Sydney is so
beautiful it’s one of the best cities in the world hands down beside besides on
New York I love love love love New York but honestly it doesn’t get much better
than this and working with a view like this really does make a well of it what
of a difference and I know it’s a privilege to have but that’s what I want
to speak to in this video I want to speak to the potential working for
yourself if you should and how I did it and why I did it in the first place
let me put you guys right yeah all right look this is my focus but let’s get
started so obviously this is a taboo topic it’s something that I kept private
for awhile I quit you know a few months ago and I decided not to mention it out
of respect for the company that I worked for for my colleagues for a few various
reasons so this is obviously a very personal topic to me and I’m letting in
you into a very private story of mine while I for those who are new to this
channel hi I’m Andrew I talk about scaling businesses I help entrepreneurs
and aspiring entrepreneurs build up their side hustles and also build their
businesses full-time and scaled a bit online business so yeah be sure to
subscribe if you haven’t already I love to tell you that quitting your job
quitting your night the five stable corporate job is easy but it definitely
was not easy whatsoever I could have actually quit a
while ago I kept delaying it over and over and over again for a few reasons
so those reasons included stability it was a really stable job I was getting
paid six digits it was you know cushy I was still learning a lot
I loved my colleagues I loved my bosses so in that sense you think about it
traditionally I didn’t know why I guess it was a huge leap to me and I wasn’t
ready mentally at certain points so it was definitely a hard hard process to
get over that mental boundary and tell myself that I’ll be okay and tell myself
that you know this opportunity costs here that if you really believe in
yourself and you have conviction that it is something that you should do it’s
kind of like bungee jumping naturally everybody tells you you
shouldn’t bungee jump or you shouldn’t jump off the ledge but you still know in
the back of your mind that you are going to be caught by the rope on top of that
for me personally there was a stigma as well you know growing up as an Asian of
the Asian background you know with family values cultural values it’s
really important that we have a nine-to-five job that we do become
doctors lawyers whatever it is and go up the ranks and I’m going to talk to that
in a moment and how I went up the ranks but with that cultural stigma that was
definitely something that you know I was thinking about when I made that huge
leap I didn’t want to disappoint my parents I don’t want to disappoint my
friends family friends etc I wanted to make my parents proud so that was
something that I had to think about very closely and definitely was a big impact
and I know you know for those who are Asian American Asian Australian whatever
you can totally relate and if not I’m sure some of you may relate to if you
have really strict parents for instance my parents weren’t strict but there were
those Asian values there anyway on the flip side though I had opportunity costs
I was getting itchy and you could do more I didn’t
office politics and new I wants to be my own boss these reasons were huge having
financial location freedom time freedom they were huge and invaluable to me and
I knew that they were worth more than the salary that I was getting paid even
though salary was exponentially high for my age but that didn’t really matter I
already had conviction that I could start you know and build and scale my
online business with trials doing on the side and let me talk to that in a moment
talking’s that mental perception of how high it was it was definitely hard and I
was nervous for a months on end I was discussing the options that I had
constantly and if you are someone who is on who believes they’re able to do more
or they’re on edge or they you know you can’t make up your mind then I urge you
to talk to somebody whether that be your family friends even me reach out you
know have a chat down in the comments below and discuss your options because
ultimately you need to find out the pros and cons I need to make that list
mentally be prepared before you make a huge leap like this and on top of that I
was confused because everyone was telling me that I should be happy that I
should be complacent that I should be you I should be grateful for where I’m
at at the moment and I was don’t get me wrong I just knew that I could do more
and that’s I wanted to take a risk that’s what I knew so it was kind of
conflicting it’s really confusing and I’m sure you can relate when people tell
you that you should be complacent you should be happy with where you’re at you
do start to think okay I maybe I should stay where I’m at but no you really
shouldn’t should always try to better yourself you should always try to better
your personal development so that’s exactly what I did for I get stuck into
how I quit my job in my current situation let’s go all the
way back to the time when I graduated University in college because I think
that’s really important for you to know the context before I get stuck into how
I quote my job so going back all the way back till then just four or five years
ago now when I graduated I see like every other kid you wanted to
work through the corporate ladder you wanted to aspire to be the CEO I knew
that was the case for me I knew that was the case for many of my friends so
that’s the typical aspiration that you have you kind of naive to the world
there’s a definite sense of naivety that I had so that’s what I did the first
trip that I landed was quite a prestigious it was with a globally
renowned advertising firm an agency so I was pretty stoked but here’s the thing
he’s the catch the first day that I got into the office I was kind of like is is
this it because coming from University and college where I was I had amazing
social life had plenty of friends I had freedom time freedom I could could do
whatever I wanted to come into the nine-to-five black-and-whites
you know her box that is corporate I was just hit with a ton of bricks and I was
kind of disillusioned I was just disappointed sir I recognized that on
the first day and there’s always the itch in the back of my mind that I
wanted to create something that’s bigger than me that I want to be my own boss
because mind you if you don’t already know or don’t follow me I’ve created
businesses or I create side income at the very least since I was 13 years old
so I knew I had that ability but like I said as an Asian there is a steamer and
I did have expectations of myself to go up the corporate ladder and have
something really stable and that’s exactly what I did so I sort of pushed
the urges of wanting to work myself and knowing that I could do more and I just
shoved it away sort of like brainwash myself and told
me okay this is the life this is what you should do let’s hit some goals and
those goals were you know six digits like everyone thinks once you get six
digits you make six digits in income you’re gonna be good
and for the most part yes you will be comfortable but that’s it you’re
comfortable and fast-forward four or five years I did get to that point and I
was only 24 and I was on a six digit salary so fast forward back to this year
where I was a digital marketing manager
earning six digits I want to tell you how I got that role and what it looked
like and also why quit such a great job because essentially I loved it I loved
my colleagues I loved everything about it but before I talk about that my
business partner actually wants to go to the gym and sauna so I’m gonna head down
thank you guys along and also gonna do some work but I talk to all these points
just in a moment so let’s go okay so like I got totally carried away
with the gym spent two hours there when is the sauna after the gym got into the
swimming pool went back into the sauna and two hours later so I’ve barely done
any work do I feel guilty not don’t work no no really I mean that’s why I pull
16-hour days on weekdays and then I get to choose if I want to do work today or
not when I’ve got such a nice place to enjoy okay so where were we
now fast-forward to the previous 12 months I was working at a very cushy job
I was enjoying it don’t get me wrong it was a stressful job
it was very demanding but cushy in the sense that it paid really well six
digits I was 24 25 and I had a great time my boss was great
my colleagues were great however at the same time opportunity cost cuz I’ve
already built a business on the side it was scaling really quickly it was
growing and it was really tough I was burning out I would come home by the way
check out my day my life if you want more details on how my day was
structured because it was literally like work work work work you know come home
work some more wake up at 6:00 a.m. work and then go to work and work some more
so it was a pretty intense routine and I was burning out because it was quite
demanding I didn’t have any free time which is fine because when people start
up yeah that’s how it is but again overall I felt like I was taking the
easy way out and the easy way out was just to stick with my current job and
you know go through the motions of like life so to speak and I constantly have
talks with you know my girlfriend with my best friend with family and ask them
for their opinion because I was just too scared to make the decision by myself
the day finally came when I would come into
and I was like today is the day I’m going to find the time to talk to my
boss who by the way sits right next to me I’ve told him in the past that I’ve
what on the side and that I do my own thing I had my own business
who’s totally fine with that so obviously had to expect to some extent
that I was going to quit at some point or that was my ambition that was my goal
so I was like okay he’s gonna expect it and I’ve been transparent with him so
today’s a day I go in and talk to him about it
and go in and then I back out I’m like nah I can’t con do it now that the time
and this would happen over and over again and I just make myself excuses so
I didn’t like grasp the opportunity cost as much I didn’t put enough weight to it
so this would happen over and over and over again and I would just come in sad
to it that wouldn’t do it so you’re probably wondering how did I end up
quitting so it was just like a mindset shift honestly it was just a mindset
shift I was looking at so many different videos and just visualizing and making a
pros and cons list and one night I just made a pros and cons list and I was like
this doesn’t make sense I’m gonna have one more chat with my loved ones and
make the decision so made the decision overnight and I gave my resignation the
next day and I remember all my friends and family telling me oh well like I
expected you to make that decision but then hand in the resignation like two
weeks later down the track and I just like literally handed it in 12 hours
later um and the biggest thing is action being
able to action your thoughts and making a decision so inaction is not gonna get
you anywhere obviously as I said I you know how I was going back and forth with
myself so when I finally made the decision
action is the next step so I made the decision I made the action which you
typing up the resignation form and not just framing it or something silly like
that I just typed it up super simple and
gaming in the next day didn’t think twice about it
think about regrets didn’t think about the repercussions whatever I’d dive
straight into it David in whatever and as soon as I had that chat there was a
tinge of regret in the sense that because I loved my boss so much and
because I loved my colleagues so much I was gonna miss them and I didn’t want to
disappoint them because I was doing good work I was appreciated of this job so I
didn’t want to disappoint them but at the same time that tinge of regret was
eclipsed by this sense this overwhelming sense of the world lifted off my
shoulders and it’s ironic because once you got the business and if you’re
planning to do the same you’ll start to see all startups will have the weight of
the world on their shoulders even more so than what incorporate it does not get
easier it actually gets harder and I want to make that very clear
it’s a whole new set of challenges and a whole new set of mental grit that you
need now that’s a topic for a whole another video and if you’re interested
in that sort of topic let me know down the comments below but the challenges
that came in the next couple of months crazy still going to the challenges now
but enjoying life just as much and like obviously there’s so much more than I
can touch on on this topic and I’ve just you know this is the Weisberg but
essentially if you’re if you want to make the decision or you’re weighing up
the pros and cons do exactly that weigh up the pros and cons ok
consult your loved ones whoever that might be and make a decision making that
decision is tough but once you’ve made that decision don’t look back then go
back and forth back and forth like a ping pong game um you want to make the
decision and just go all-in that being said you want to make sure that you’re
making an informed decision it doesn’t just come from your heart but also your
mind because it needs to make financial sense you don’t want to be you know
really like quitting your job without any sort of financial backing or net so
that’s really important and that’s the point I want to make – common sense sure
but common sense isn’t so common nowadays so
make sure that you do have financial backing before you make drastic moves
like this and that you are in a good spot to make such a move because at the
end of the day you can always grind it out and have that job while creating a
business on the side yes it is much harder but you are able to do it if you
had the determination if you don’t have the determination chances are you
probably should be in business anyway me personally I love growing consistently
constantly whether that be new experiences finding new adrenaline kicks
you know growing my business growing myself personally and just having new
experiences on the daily and that’s what I was missing in a 9 to 5 job it was so
mundane it was so calculated was the same thing over and over again and worst
of all I was appeasing people that I didn’t want to pee so I just didn’t give
a shit about to be frank with you and I just I just felt like I was wasting a
big chunk of my life and that was the biggest thing when I made that change
and I spent my time on my business my little baby that felt like time not
wasted I felt like valuable time that that’s
the most important thing to me it’s now time to eat because the food has arrived
it’s now time to chill and then I’m going to do some work as well so let’s
get into it finish up work I was just working some
minor stuff nothing too tedious working with one-on-one coaching students
working on some ad copy that’s about it so now it’s time to kick back and relax
and head out but I’m gonna end the video here if you enjoyed this type of video
and if you enjoyed this topic then please let me know because I’d love to
talk about this topic more and provide you guys with some insights some
suggestions around potentially quitting your own job not to fire them and swim
your own passion and become an entrepreneur becoming your own boss I’m
super passionate about this topic as you can tell so if you want to hear more
about this topic let me know down in the comments below and give this video a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it it is a little different from my usual video
somewhere it’s all tutorials and practical knowledge but I’m trying to
balance out my videos a little bit more because I’ve been told on Instagram that
people do like a balance of lifestyle content behind the scenes there today
sort of stuff rather than just the practical online business building type
stuff but if you’re into online business building as well and scaling your
business then be sure to subscribe to if you haven’t already otherwise thanks for
watching today and I’ll see you in the next video keep on hustling

18 thoughts on “Why I QUIT my 6 FIGURE job…(FOR ENTREPRENEURS)

  1. who gives a damn about a 6 figure job when you’re living life how you want to and no one boss’s you around. Youre a true alpha wolf bro

  2. 💬 If you're in the same situation, just know that you have SO MUCH potential and your determination will get you through the hardest of times. Silence the haters and listen to YOUR gut instinct. The reward on the other side is worth all the struggle and MORE. You've got this! Let me know if you're in a similar situation!
    👉 If you want to learn more about digital marketing, sign up to the waitlist (sale coming on VERY soon): http://www.andrewethanzeng.com/socialmarketing-mastery

  3. I want to be freelancer running ads? So how can I get started ,I applied in upwork, freelancer but no response due to no experience, review, what should I do?

  4. Awesome dicision mate, right dicision at right time, after your own family it might be very difficult to even think of it, u will achieve it mate,, cheers…by the way anything coming for clickbank in detail?

  5. Yes, definitely a hard decision but you made it! That’s amazing! Keep these videos coming, Andrew! All the best to you and to all of us who are taking the leap too!! 💪💪💪

  6. I am an asian american. I left college 8 months ago to pursue starting a E commerce business. My parents were disappointed and are constantly begging me to return to school to pursue a regular career. But, I absolutely believe I can do so much more in my life than just work a regular job. Although, they don't like it now, I believe when I finally succeed then they will understand why I did what I did.

  7. Balance is the key to life my brother and it's now time to take it to the next level and live into your divine purpose. I get value from the info you put out so I'm pulling for you but it's more important that you're pulling for yourself. Continued success….OneLove

  8. Hey Andrew,

    I've been following your journey for a while now. I'm currently still a student studying Marketing at Macquarie University, like yourself I have an interest in branching off into the digital marketing world. At times, it feels like the light at the end of the tunnel is dimming with the continuous amount of uni work I put in with no real-world benefit yet to be reaped.

    I'm hoping to finish next term & hopefully land a decent job. But regardless, I would like to say I am happy that you took the leap and decided to work for yourself & build on your hustle. You are an intelligent guy with a pool of untapped potential, working a 9-5 would have just drained you of any energy you had left to truly master your craft. You did right, keep on going and build momentum, I can't wait to see where you are in 5 years.

    Best of luck brother!

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