Why Marketers Should Focus On Instagram Advertising – Social Media Minute

Hi, I’m Jan Rezab,
this is Social Media Minute on Instagram. When we pull data,
data rarely surprises me. But when we pulled data
for a recent conference Engage Bali, I was quite shocked. We pulled data on the top 500 brands
on Facebook and top 500 on Instagram, we organized them by engagement
and looked at which performed better, and we were like wait a minute. These Instagram numbers look better
than the Facebook numbers. This is shocking, this is top pages
on Instagram and Facebook. This is apples to apples
according to those communities. We know Instagram is on the more
engaging side on per reach basis. But still it shocked us
that looking at those top 500, Instagram outperformed Facebook, which is
owned by the same company, two times. It started a year ago
when it was about the same, and Instagram engagement
has doubled since then. That would imply reach has as well
of these branded pages. That’s massive. For marketers that means clearly
focus a lot more on Instagram. Especially with its feed algorithm
not being chronological anymore, with them being selective, you need
to keep focusing on quality storytelling. This also shows that the top marketers
do focus on quality storytelling. And really Instagram is
a brand platform for amazing pictures. And you know for the future, this shows us clearly that Facebook owns a very dominant part
of the social media world. With both owning Facebook, Instagram,
Messenger and WhatsApp Experiences. I mean they’re set up for good here. Thank you very much.
Keep watching next week. Monday again.

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