Why People Are CRINGING & BASHING Peloton, Weird Child Ban Controversy, Kamala OUT, Macron VS Trump

100 thoughts on “Why People Are CRINGING & BASHING Peloton, Weird Child Ban Controversy, Kamala OUT, Macron VS Trump

  1. Hey! Hope you enjoy! And I hope my voice lasts to the end of the week. 🙂
    Peloton (00:13), Miss Universe (4:04), TIA (6:29), Kamala (8:12), NATO (9:03)

  2. To be fair it is called Miss World not Ms. World. So I can see a reason for having a rule saying you can't be married.
    But not having kids?

  3. I don't believe it's fair in the 21st century to forbid a woman from being in a beauty pageant because she has married, had one or more children, or some combination. I understand that this woman basically lied in her application, but how can this be the standard?

  4. idk, maybe the internet/society hasn't ruined me (completely), but I didn't view that bike ad that poorly at all? I thought it was genuinely something she wanted for herself, and was happy she got it. She vlogs herself making progress so she can show HERSELF that progress a year later. Husband is also there because she wants to include him in her excitement because they're… married? And that's what you do? So what if she was thin before? Wellness comes from constant maintained exercise, not just natural thinness/tone. And don't even get me STARTED on the cost thing, I know very well I can't afford that Rolls-Royce, I'm certainly NOT going to complain about it being shown in a nice setting in an advertisement.
    It's honestly such a REACH for me to think about it any other way, but I guess I can see why people thought that. Just… relax, y'all. Call your mom. Hug your dog. Drink some water.

  5. I think for any story about the US and Turkey, you should probably mention that the US has nuclear weapons in Turkey and has done, since their presence cause the Cuban missile crisis.

  6. I gotta say, all I really see in the Peloton ad is some pretty cringe acting. How is a husband giving a gift to his wife sexist? Like seriously.

  7. When voting I've always thought my 'downvotes' were more important than the President; a lot of times the president will get or not get your state depending on how votes have been cast in the past. However, downvotes and referendums on local laws are far more likely to affect you in your daily life.

  8. Could you imagine a peloton commercial based in the hood? Like a broke, single mother blowing I guess her entire tax refund to put one of these overpriced bikes in her shitty one bedroom apartment, while her kids, who are poorly dressed, beg her for attention and food? I don’t think that’s the demo peloton is going for

  9. i think "miss" has a specific meaning in english so maybe that is the reason they chose to only allow unmarried women. they need to make "missus world" an there allow only marrried women
    btw: is "mister world" having similar limitations?

    also … "break gender stereotypes"??! this is a competition showcasing gender stereotypes! i assume that (like in 'mister world') women here compete in waterskiing, mountain biking and marathon running?

  10. The ring story! OMG!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Just goes to show that even smart people can do stupid things sometimes. 😁

  11. 00:13 Peleton – Frankly, I have never been a fan since they launched their ads here in the UK… Just another Gimmick to try and encourage people to be healthy… Trust me, Many of these things will end up in second hand stores within a few years! As for people getting pissy over the advert – HOLY HELL GET A LIFE!

    Yes, I guess it can appear Sexist, but they know their demographics – Women are FAR MORE LIKELY to become subscribers to Peleton than Men… Sorry but thats just simple facts! Women are more likely to keep up a fitness regime than us men even with a Trainer involved (Yeah, I said it! They know that this will get interest because they know the audience!), and as for the Affluent Family portrayal… That's every damn advert on TV these days!

    Just so many more things to get upset over that actually mattter! And instead of doing anything to change them – You ended up promoting them! Increasing their Share Price… Sometimes just ignoring something that upsets you is the best way, especially when its something Consumer Driven, as Consumables DO NOT MATTER in the grand Scheme of things!

  12. So what I get from this is; Poor, fat idiots are upset that a company has expensive products aimed at fitness, not weight loss. Which are two very different things. And apparently women aren't allowed to be portrayed as self doubting because…….. sexism…….? I guess women really are just perfect, constantly in a good mood species who have no emotions other than being perfectly happy.

  13. Peloton: I think it would've been way worse if she had lost the weight – one because she's already skinny that promotes unhealthy weights. And then if she was bigger and then lost the weight it would have looked like she was only happy and successful because she is no longer big. I thought it was an okay advert, she obviously wanted the bike because of her reaction and then she wanted to show her husband who bought the present how much she enjoyed it.

  14. I feel like the "miss" part of Miss world implies you shouldn't be married lol but hey I just read the name of the event .

  15. "who droped you on your head"….seriously go buy that jewler a nights worth of drinks he saved your ass big time.

  16. I swear people just need to stop being soft. People just want to be offended by anything. It's an advert so has limited time to hit selling a product. If you want more context then watch movies or TV shows. She may have asked for that exercise bike. People will be offended by anything these days

  17. Miss Universe. She definitely broke rules, dumb rules that deserve to be broken.

    Event organisers have got to realise that they have to move with the times or disappear. Don't forget, a lot of people want it gone.

  18. I mean it does say 'Miss' in the title so that does really mean unmarried…
    I still think its a dumb rule but… it is technically in the title.

  19. On the miss world yea the idea of a woman having a child means she is no longer hot is shit, then again the fact we keep having hotness contests might also be an issue since with men it's not about cutness or purity but only muscle….which is also kind of shit….it's all garbage we were being honest.

  20. Kamala Harris was so bad i might have even voted for Trump out of spite. So happy she is gone all she did was bring the dems down

  21. Kamala's gone 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀

  22. Peleton should do almost an identical ad and use a woman giving the same gift to a man and let the internet melt again

  23. Please talk about Iranian government shutting down internet and killing hundreds of people in a couple of days… Foreign media's silence is hurting us and telling us we are alone in our pursuit of freedom…

  24. My oppinion about the no pregnant or child rule is neutral, but the not married rule is supposed to be there because it would be Mrs World insted of Miss World.

  25. 4:12 when Miss Ukraine crowns Miss Ukraine while Miss Ukraine watches in the background.
    Or maybe I just think all Ukrainians look alike. shrug

  26. Before a week ago ya'll couldnt name an exercise equipment brand and now you're chanting Peloton in the streets.. They just check mated a game of 4D chess.

  27. I hated the Peloton ad because I got it on Every. Fucking. Video… it didn’t matter what genre video I was watching it always showed up. Sometimes twice on longer videos.

  28. I agree miss world is in the wrong but I also don't exoect pageants to be anything other than sexist crap and feel like it would be more empowering if women stopped participating in them

  29. Do US citizens not have a better thing to do rather than get offended by a BIke ad ? Good lord that country is becoming more and more stupid by the day.

  30. In the matter of the Miss World competition, I guess I would that with them because 1)the rules are clearly mentioned
    2)beauty pageant competitions for married women do exist. She should have participated there

  31. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Peloton targeting their advertisements at wealthy patrons. A lot of business models in many industries do exactly the same thing – and it makes a lot of sense.

  32. Okay… Okay… Okay… Hot take here: Miss World; Not Mrs. World or Lady World. It's rules aren't really an issue for me but sure call it Lady World or Whatever.

    I think the competition can have whatever rules it wants. You not being included in those rules is not discrimination, it's just not for you. Just say you want a competition that gives room for you.

  33. It’s the same rules in miss South Africa. It’s a stupid rule. Woman should not be mad to feel Ike they can’t be a mom and a business woman. I am both and I manage as perfect as I can. Some days are hard. But it is possible.

  34. Always concerning to hear that Trump is close with the likes of Kim Jong Un, President Shi and now he's great friends with Erdoğan. He just can't help but be close to some of the worst dictators on the planet.

  35. This is what happens to a stagnant society, without a world war to slaughter these useless, dumbed down, overfed, moorican cattle. #Moo

  36. The negative reactions to the Peloton ad say way more about the complainers than the ad itself.

    First, because you are a thin, attractive human being does not mean you are in shape. So…a woman asks her husband for a several thousands $ gift and gets it is NOT a bad thing. Let's face it, most folks use their bikes to hang their clothes on – a $2,000.00 clothes hanger would be a complete fail.

    Second, why is anyone assuming that this woman (at the end of the advert) is thanking her husband for anything other than giving her an expensive gift that did her some good – you know… like maybe getting healthier NOT necessarily skinnier. Women…? Some of us are getting more than a bit thin-skinned – your insecurities are showing.

  37. Imagine thinking the rules don't apply to you when signing up to join a competition that has a pre established, pre published ruleset.

    Is it an antiquated rule? Sure. Should it be amended? Absolutely; but to go into something knowing what the expectations are and then getting caught out and going surprised Pikachu face.. Fuck outta here.

  38. Peloton drama is so stupid and a classic example of outrage culture. The ad was in perfect taste and people are just being defensive about their unhealthy lifestyles. FITNESS IS ESSENTIAL TO A HEALTHY LIFE.

  39. phil wtf, ive never had a gf or a relationship and EVEN I could have told you that would not have gone well xD REALLY A RING c'on XD <3 love you bro

  40. Wait so u can lie to get into the pageant and then bring legal action against them for upholding their rules.. Wow.. No… She should've looked into getting it changed before she checked the box

  41. Thank God another single digit Democrat is out of the race.
    They hold on like they have a chance.
    It's really down to Biden, Warren, Sanders and Buttigieg at this point.

  42. Wait, people don't get why a company is advertising the thing they sell. And also don't get why the person in the add is a fit person, you know… like the people who would most likely want something like this at home.

    People are are dumb it is actually scary.

  43. Did u know that the humble bundle has a wallet system that is not usable for their bundles, personally i think this is really dumb.

  44. Money is too much of a factor in our elections. Everyone in the country should be able to run no matter how much money they have. Just think. In England they cap what people can spend on their campaigns so everyone has an equal footing.

  45. On the Peloton thing. Most advertisements give their product the instagram look: Rose gold, minimalist, expensive “looking” background bc people like buying things that they think rich people buy. That part is a non-issue 🙄. Now in real life someone might have been eyeing the machine and their spouse bought it for them but the actor did give off “trying to please her husband” and not being in love with it vibes.

  46. "I lied to get into a competition because I don't like the rules!"

    "I am now upset that I got disqualified because of the lie I knowingly told!"

    Entitlement at its finest.

  47. Not everyone rides bikes to lose weight. I ride a bike to get better at riding my bike. Until the Peloton ad came out I thought Wahoo were really the only brand making high quality bikes for Zwift, a video game where you ride an indoor trainer to control an avatar in the game. Now I know if I'm training for a triathlon, not only will I be able to play Zwift with a Peloton, but I can get training too. And I haven't even seen the ad, just the news around it. Congratulations to Peloton for the success I guess

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