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Hi I’m Fiona from DIY Digital and welcome to how to add a photo or a static image to the top of your page in the Avada WordPress theme This video is the 2nd one in a series of 3 tutorial videos for updating your images on a WordPress page that uses the Avada theme. The other 2 tutorials cover replacing images on a page and replacing slider images This video assumes you know how to upload an image into the WordPress Media Library. Here’s an example of a page title banner image Log into your WordPress Dashboard. and click on pages Choose the page you wish to add or change the page title banner image for Click on the Edit link. Wait a few seconds while the page loads and scroll right down to the bottom Where we get to the Fusion Page Options. In the Fusion Page Options you’ll see Page Title Bar Click on this. Scroll down until you get to Page Title Bar Background Click on the Browse button Now this takes you to the Media Library You can choose an image that is already uploaded to the Media Library Or you can browse your computer to upload one We’ll choose one that is already uploaded We’ll add in alternative text to assist search engines find our page and enhance the site accessibility for people who are using text readers. Then we’ll insert into post. Update. Go over to the live site and refresh. We can see the difference image size makes to how the website looks. You can see here the two photos. The old one and the new one. The old one was 2000 by 500 pixels and the new one we just uploaded is 900 by 600. and here’s the comparison on the site. The right image size for your site will depend on how the images have been configured. I recommend you get to know which image size works best for your site as it can make quite a difference. Good luck with changing your Page Title banner images and please do feel free to visit us at DIYdigital.com.au

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