Yeongja’s Muk-Tour at a local market [Star’s Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2019.12.02]

What is this line for? Wow, that looks good. Kimchi dumpling. – Kimchi dumpling. / – What’s that? Dumpling? Their kimchi dumpling was thick. The wrapping? The wrapping was thick. And the texture was like eating hand-pulled noodles. (Looking around) (Why don’t you have a bite?) (Lee Yeongja’s motto: Never share food) (Embarrassed) (I’m sorry, so I’ll give you one) (Thank you, Yeongja) (What about her wheat lesson?) You’re so thin. I know, malnutrition. (Heartbreaking) Heartbreaking. (It’s nice to meet you) – It’s nice to meet you. / – Hello. You become an insider at any market. (She enters a shop) (Wig?) – You have to let your hair down. / – I can’t. (What are you doing?) Ouch, ouch. Ouch! (It’s not easy to say goodbye to the wig) I can’t do business with this shop. (Severing all ties) Too many people recognize me. I’ll walk by, so see if you can tell if I’m Lee Yeongja or someone else. You’re so cute. Who do I look like? I don’t look like Lee Yeongja, do I? You look exactly like Sunmi. Sunmi. Yeongmi. (Sunmi, I’m sorry) Who do I look like? I don’t look like Lee Yeongja, do I? I don’t look like Lee Yeongja, do I? Good, good. Good. No one can recognize me now. No one can. (Failed strategy) I put on a wig to disguise myself. What’s the use? (Good example of fruitless effort) You look just like my aunt-in-law. She looks like her aunt-in-law. (She’s very honest) (Flustered) Your aunt-in-law? – Your personality and looks. / – How funny. Really? Your aunt-in-law is vicious like me? Talk about insolence! I even put on a wig. Why did I buy this? I should get it exchanged. – Hey. / – Yes? Everyone recognizes me. (The disguise failed big time) (Embarrassed) (And soon…) Director, go away. People can recognize me because of you. There must be a celebrity somewhere. – A celebrity. / – There must be one. – You’re a celebrity. / – There must be one. (Who am I? Where am I?) That’s too much. They won’t recognize me over there. Anyone could spot her from a mile away. You look a little like a rapper. Sir! (Oh, I have to get it on camera) Sir! (Still funny) (It’s not working) (Green being disappears into the crowd to get in line) There are too many people. (Tap, tap) I got in line. You can recognize me? (But you can’t…) Lee Yeongja? Are you Lee Yeongja? No, no, Lee Yeongja, no. (Speaking in tongue) (Front row seats) (So embarrassed) (#Failure) I think I failed. (What is she standing in line for?) (A very lone line) That’s a line? The most famous snack in Namdaemun. I know that too. (Namdaemun Market’s top snack food) It’s so delicious. It’s deep-fried. Vegetable hotteok is the hottest snack now. – Vegetable hotteok. / – Yes. (Vegetable hotteok) It looks greasy, doesn’t it? It looks deep-fried, doesn’t it? Not at all. (Magical hotteok that isn’t greasy at all) Just how good is it? It’s been 40 minutes. I know. My legs hurt. But it will be sold out soon. Sold out? They’ll run out? (Oh) Don’t sell! – More than two! / – More than two! We came to Namdaemun Market for this! – Don’t sell more than two! / – Don’t sell! (We have plenty left) – Next in line. / – Yes. We have vegetable and honey. Which would you like? I’ll take both. Just how good is this? Try it. It took 45 minutes. You waited for 45 minutes? (Sniff, sniff) Oh, this is… It smells like vegetable fritters. I got this idea from the seaweed noodle rolls. – Seaweed noodle rolls? / – Yes. When? I used to sell fritters and I switched to hotteok. Try it. We use oil to make glass noodles. (Crunchy) (Sweet on the ears) Wow, that sound! It’s crunchy, isn’t it? We use oil to make glass noodles. (Clear crispy sound) (Yum) (Happy slap) (Taking off the wig to really start eating) Put my glasses on. No lenses, but I need them to see. (No lenses, but she needs them to see and eat) The dough of this hotteok… Is really moist. Do you know what’s really amazing? (Amazing?) The glass noodles inside tastes freshly made. That’s their secret. The stuffing is fresh, as if just made. How do you do this? The secret is in the dough. I make it really soft. There’s a secret in the dough. It’s my special dough. (Respect) (Hotteok hunter is back) (I love hotteok) Can you tell me one of your secrets? Top quality ingredients. No! Even with onions, do you use ones this big or this big, the good ones? – The dough. / – Dough? – When you make the dough. / – The dough? Salt, water, fresh yeast, that’s it. (So cool) That’s it. (Wheat-learner’s diary, vegetable hotteok)

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