You Need A Good Twitch Offline Banner – Free Banner Template!

Andrew Grant once said you never get a
second chance to make a first impression and if you’re a live streamer or content
creator heck your first impression may be your only impression this first
impression is pivotal for getting new viewership or maintaining audience
retention or perhaps growing into new subscribers or new regulars or heck
maybe even just forming community but sadly being a content creator or an
on-line streamer you don’t sometimes get the chance to make your first impression
with you being live thus it is extremely important to have an effective offline
screen you’re offline banner is a lot more than just a JPEG or a PNG that just
displays some goofy information it is a pivotal part for your growth and in this
video right here I’m gonna show you three characteristics that every offline
banner needs to have let’s go hey it’s me it’s wild coming at you from
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favor put links in the show notes below so make sure you check them out and just
a quick side note if you stick around for the entire video I gave out a free
resource on a free template that you can use that encompasses all the aspects to
make an effective offline banner and offline screen so stick around for that
alright alright let’s get right into something that’s extremely important
it’s off line screens and this is a subject that gets overlooked quite a lot
on streaming platforms like Twitch YouTube mixer and Facebook gaming
there’s a reason this gets overlooked because everybody thinks that when you
stream that’s the most important aspect of your channel and to be fair it kind
of is but a lot of times when you’re networking with other streamers or
viewers or regulars or even other stream teams or communities when they’re gonna
find out more information about you it’s not when you’re live it’s probably when
you’re actually in their Channel and when they click on your name the very
first impression they’re gonna have is of that big beautiful offline banner and
that’s your first impression too a lot of people out there if you plan on
making your own effective offline screen it needs to have three strong
characteristics the first one is going to be all about personal branding we’re
starting off strong because personal branding can be one of the hardest
things to develop for online content or online streaming that you do but you can
start with very basic personal branding you can have something as simple as an
avatar or a caricature or maybe just a generalized picture or cartoon of
yourself but you don’t have to limit to just that you can start implementing
colors that you want associated with you and your brand
I mean think of it when you look at the different variations of red you start to
think of coca-cola and YouTube if you look at different variations of blue you
think of Pepsi blue and Twitter and the same thing can be said with your colors
that you plan on producing on your channel start developing your personal
branding now and make sure you and make sure you implement that on your
offline screen key characteristic number two that everyone needs to have on their
offline screen as a general stream schedule or content schedule of when
their content will either be seen or wasn’t it will be live-streamed out and
a lot of people always forget this but this is a vital part of the puzzle so
allow me to show you why this is so important if you can inform a viewing
audience or potential viewing audience of when you’ll be going live next time
they can mark it off on their calendar or make a mental note to visit your
channel during that time frame and in that time frame that you’re gonna put
down on there you want to make sure you include the dates or you include the
time of when you’ll be streaming make sure to put things like I stream Monday
Tuesday Wednesday at 8 p.m. Pacific Standard Time
don’t forget time zones just because where you live you know where it is
doesn’t mean the whole world is you can even do things like military time to
help narrow it down for a lot of people if time zones are extremely important
now a lot of people just say hey why can’t I just have people scroll down and
see my schedule there well this is why offline screens are super important to
have effective and powerful ones because your video can actually be embedded on
multiple sites blogs threads web sites gamepedias as the list goes on and on and
when somebody actually embeds you they’re embedding just the video player
there which means they cannot scroll down to see your extensions your widgets
your panels or any of your hyper text that you have typed in there it is just
the video player which means all they see is your offline screen so if you
can inform people of one you’ll be going live perhaps that person who’s looking
directly at that blog or forum notices you’re gonna be streaming in the next
five minutes they can then visit your page this is why it’s extremely
important to put up your stream schedule on your offline screen I mean it makes
perfectly total sense so make sure you start to implement them characteristic
number three is all about having your social media accounts displayed on the
offline banner as well display things that you want to grow got it YouTube put
your YouTube up there got a discord put your discord Twitter Instagram tumblr
snapchat you got it make sure you put whatever you would
like to grow or as your strongest displayed up there
because these are funnels for other ways for people to go out and find you hence
when you broadcast or you put content on those particular platforms they will
funnel back to your channel hopefully gaining you more traction and more
viewer attention and helping you grow to be bigger and better now for a quick
side note if your Twitter Instagram snapchat all those different platforms
have different names because maybe you develop those at different times I would
like to see you put those names under there that way everything is a little
more easy to find but if you keep everything uniform like for example
everything of mine is under wild for games I would appreciate the follow on
any platform that I have it’s easy to find that because it’s all uniform but
if it’s not make sure you put the name so that way people can find you easily
and there you go those are the strong characteristics that every offline
screen needs to have but I’m not done perhaps you’re not creative enough or
perhaps you don’t think you’re creative enough to make an offline banner or
offline screen not to worry got you all covered there folks
I already made you a basic template and all you have to do is just fill in the
blanks or fill in the information of what you have but take the strong
characteristics that we talked about prior in this video and implement them
into the template there if you need any help you can find the template on my
website which is the inside Creator which you can find links down below
which will take you to the free resources section what I would recommend
is download or follow those steps there and then make a copy because if you ever
make a mistake you have something to revert back to now it’s gonna take you
to a website called which is an awesome free resource cost ya nothing
to get you just simply just log in I would recommend making account and again
like I said make a duplicate copy and start working from there if you feel
lost within the program again I got you covered I’m awesome
I did a video on how to use can but I’ll put it in the top of the card there so
that way you can figure out how to do things like different textures different
colors how to put in pictures how to put in graphics the whole shebang to get you
covered but I’m sure you’re gonna make an awesome awesome offline screen and if
you do don’t be afraid to tweet it to me on my Twitter and Instagram or even put
it a link down and the youtubes down below to my live-streaming friends and
content creators out there all remember a good first impression can
work with wonders hey hey hey if you all like this type of content and you want
me to make more content that’s gonna help you be a bigger offline streamer or
just feel more comfortable with your content creations you all know what to
do leave me a comment below and I will see what I can do to make a video on
that if you’d like to help me out you can follow me on over at twitter and
instagram under wild4games and if you like what you see here you’re
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where you can hit that followed button or almighty subscribe button where we
need channel breakdowns and guess what first impressions so i can make you be
bigger and better with your live streaming presence i will see you all in
the next stream support video coming up real soon take care all Peace!

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