YouTube Video Studio Setup Tutorial | Behind-The-Scenes Of Our Setup

– So you’re interested
in leveraging YouTube to grow your business, but the whole process of creating videos, getting everything set up to shoot, figuring out what equipment you need, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, can be a little bit overwhelming? No worries, we’ve got you covered, and we’re gonna lay it all for you today. I’m LeahRae, this is my husband, Todd. We’re from,
and in this video, we’re going to do
something special for you. We’re giving you a behind-fthe-scenes look at exactly how we shoot our videos, and the process that we follow
when we make our videos, and exactly what equipment
that we use in the process. If you are new to our channel, we are here to help you
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what you’re looking for, then make sure to subscribe, and turn on that bell for notifications. Now, you should know that
before we enter the room where we shoot our videos, I have already picked out my topic, the main keyword that I wanna rank for, plus, I’ve written out my script, or at least bullet points ahead of time, and it’s also important to know that we have been in business
for several years now. We didn’t have all of this equipment, and all of this stuff figured
out when we first got started, so don’t wait until you
have all of the equipment before you take action. It takes awhile to get
good behind the camera, and honestly, new smartphones, they’ve got great cameras, and that’s all you need to get started. So, actually, we’re gonna switch cameras so we can walk you through the room and show you our exact
setup and equipment. All right, so we’re actually gonna have Todd walk
you through this stuff, because honestly he figured it all out and made all the purchases, so it’s best for him to
talk about these logistics, and also, a disclaimer: we recently moved into this new house, and we’ve done nothing to this room other than set up our video stuff, so it might not look like the best when you’ve seen the behind-the-scenes, so that’s just for you, our
community here on YouTube to get that honest,
behind-the-scenes look. So, Todd, first tell
us about our backdrop. We actually get this as a
question a lot on videos, and people who reach out to me. What’s going on with this
kinda cool, brick-y thing that we’ve got behind us, and how did we do that? – Sure, so you know a lot of houses, especially our old house, we didn’t really have a
great place to shoot videos, so what we did is we got a backdrop, and I’ll leave a link for
where we get our backdrops in the description, but basically, this is an eight-foot
by eight-foot backdrop, and we’ve actually got two of ’em, so whichever one we wanna use, we can just slide the other over, and then to hold the backdrop, we have a special backdrop hanger that really wasn’t too
expensive, that we got on Amazon, and so we just leave this up full-time. We do have a few weights to hold it down to prevent any wrinkles, so you see a five-pound weight here, a five-pound weight there,
and that’s really all we have, and so with this backdrop,
we can just set it up in any room that we need
to, and it looks good. – [LeahRae] Right, so
we don’t need to worry about having a nicely decorated room, or waste any of that kind of time, just get down to business
and get makin’ videos. – Exactly. – [LeahRae] So I noticed
something some people may not do, or know what this is, but
we have a light back here, so what that’s about? – Yeah, so lighting is very important when you’re shooting videos,
and getting the right, ’cause you don’t want some weird shadows, you don’t want… Videos are, you know, you want to look visually
appealing, right? And you want to be able
to present yourself in the best light, and so we basically just have a three-point lighting system that we use, and so if we swing the camera around, you see that we have two lights up here, and these are powered by 200
Watt equivalent LED lights, and I’ll talk about those in a bit here, and then we just have some umbrellas here that actually disperse it, so
it’s not such a harsh light, and then one of the other thing that’s important to do is that whenever you’re shooting against a backdrop or a wall, especially the closer you are to it, what you wanna do is you wanna
avoid any shadows back here, and so in order to prevent those shadows, we also have a light here to kinda get rid of any
shadows that might show up. It’s more usually of a problem if you’re shooting against
a white background, and you’re closer to the wall, but with the umbrellas there
that kinda disperse the light, and with this light back here, you never really notice any shadows, so that’s just a simple
lighting setup that we have, and that lighting kit that we got, I can link to it in the
description as well, and again, it’s really not too expensive, but the backdrop and the lights are some of the first
things that you should get when you’re shooting video. Now the other thing that’s very important is the audio on your video. Even if you have very good video, if your audio’s kinda crummy, people are not really
gonna like it so much, so it’s really important to
invest in a good lav mic, a lavalier mic, or a lapel mic
is what some people call it, and if you go back to the beginning or you look at the end of the video, you’ll notice that Leah probably has this clipped onto our shirt right here, right, and so what this does is it eliminates a bunch
of background noise, and it gives you a nice, clear sound whenever you are recording. Now, depending on whether you’re recording on a DSLR camera like
we are, or a smartphone, you’re gonna want a different mic, because they require a different
connector for the lav mic, and so I’ll link to two
different ones that you can get, depending on if you have a DSLR or a smartphone that
you’re shooting this on, but these are very important to have, because they really
improve the sound quality, and they’ll eliminate a
bunch of the background noise that you might get normally. So here you see our camera setup, and one of the first
things I wanna point out is that we do use a teleprompter, because it really helps us, especially when you have longer videos, you wanna stay on track. You wanna stay on script, and so this is just a very
simple teleprompter that we got that works with a tablet or a smartphone, and you can see the way
it works right here, and then we also got a Bluetooth mouse that actually connects to this, so we can actually scroll
through this ourselves. The teleprompter app, you can get a free
teleprompter app on your phone, or on your tablet, and that’s all we use, and it works just fine. You can actually set it up to automatically scroll for you like this, but we actually like
to kinda pace ourselves and scroll like this, so if you look at some
of Leah’s other videos, sometimes you’ll notice that
she has a mouse in her hand, and that’s what she’s doin’, is she’s scrolling
through the script here. – [LeahRae] Yep, and sometimes I have just bullet points listed out, if it’s a YouTube video. Sometimes it’s full scripts, but definitely, if we’re
doing a sales video, it’s always a complete script, because all of that is very precise. We wanna use all the right verbs and everything at the right time, so– – And the copy right and all that, yeah, and the camera that we use is a Canon 80D, and it’s not really one
that I would recommend. If you’re gonna go out and
buy a DSLR camera right now, I would get one that has 4K capabilities. This one does not, but
it is a very good camera. So it’s one that we’ve been using for the past couple years now,
and it’s been working great, but we can turn around
the viewfinder here, and let me turn it on. We can turn around the viewfinder here so that we can kinda see ourselves in the video if we want, and we can see that
through the teleprompter. – [LeahRae] And if you’re
looking at camera features, I highly suggest this,
because if you’re like me, I’m shooting this oftentimes by myself. I don’t have any help in the room, and this helps me make sure that I’m even just centered
correctly in the frame, so it’s a nice feature to have. – Now, one of the other
things to keep in mind with your lighting is that
you do want to use lights that are the correct temperature, which, you know, you’ll have soft white, you’ll have the natural daylight, and there’s some other ones in there, but the ones that you wanna
use are the natural daylight, which are above 5000K, maybe 5500K, and those are gonna give
you the best picture for shooting videos, because it’ll bring out
more of the natural colors, and so that’s what we use. Again, I’ll link to the exact lights and the exact equipment that we use in the description of this video. One of the other things
that’s really nice to have is a good tripod, one that
doesn’t make a bunch of noise when we move it around, and so this is one that
we got for about $100. Again, I’ll link to it in the
description of this video, but we’re very happy with this one. We’ve had cheaper ones in the past, and basically, whenever we
try to move them around, what happens is that they squeak, and they don’t have the smoothest action, and it can really ruin a video when you’re trying to
move your camera around. If you’re just having a static video, you can get a cheaper one if you’re never gonna
move the camera around, but for us, this has been
a really good buy for us. And finally, if you’re using, even if you’re using a smartphone, you’re gonna want to have a memory card that’s pretty high capacity. So for us, we use a 128-gigabyte
SanDisk in our camera, and for us, that’s more than enough memory for us to shoot several videos without having to delete previous stuff, and so you’re gonna want a nice, high capacity SD card as well, and again, I’ll link
to the one that we use in the description of this video, so that’s our basic setup. The most important things is that if you don’t have a good
place to shoot videos, you’re gonna want to get a nice backdrop, and then also a good
lighting, and good sound. Those are really the main things. The camera, if you’ve got any
sort of a modern smartphone, anything that was made within the past two to three years or so,
is gonna be just fine, and you can actually use a
lav mic with your smartphone. Again, I’ll show you all one that you can use with your
smartphones in the description, but if you’ve got that,
you’ve got some good lighting, and a good place to shoot your videos, you’re gonna do just fine. – Now that you’ve gotten
a peak behind the scenes of how we are shooting our videos, I hope you are ready to take action. So, next, you wanna watch the video in the upper right corner of your screen. It’s also at the top of the description. This next video is gonna walk you through the seven simple steps to
start shooting video today. Again, this is LeahRae, and
that was my husband, Todd, from Make sure to subscribe,
and we’ll see ya soon.

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  1. Awesome review! I was wondering how you do so awesome with your scripting, you are ALWAYS on point 😉 Really cool to see the teleprompter set up. Thanks for giving us the inside scoop!

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